Welcome to my Nudist Webpage. As you may have read earlier, I am more of a nudist rather than a naturist. I would not say that I hate wearing clothes, but I much prefer being nude. Whilst writing this page, it has caused me go along way back in my memory and concluded that from a very early age I have always liked taking my clothes off.

Spend a while and let me:

Recent Major Updates

April 2008 How did you discover masturbation?
June 2011 Upon Reflection - More Photos taken standing on a mirror!
February 2012 By Royal Appointment?
March 2012 Facts about the Penis and Masturbation Q&A
November 2012 Frenulum Gallery
January 2013 Naked in front of the doctor
June 2013 Nipples and breasts - why do men have them?
November 2013 More stories about Doctors
July 2014 A woman's perspective on penis size
October 2014 'Drink & Draw" Life Session
January 2015 I get Body Painted
February 2015 Explore the C String
March 2015 First Hand Circumcision Stories
June 2015 A Review of the Skinz M57 Cossie
August 2015 For the really brave, read about Anthony's DIY Piercing!
November 2015 How common is anal sex?
November 2015 An alternative Maixglan
December 2015 An orgasm a day could keep prostate cancer away
February 2016 BBC Woman's Hour programme discusses Nudity
March 2016 Nude and locked in a room with 8 women discussing male genitals.
June 2016 I try and re-create an 'Old Masters' pose!
December 2016 2016 Sailing and Paxos holiday photos
December 2016 Pre-cum. Its curious stuff!
January 2017  Photos and Stories about being Nude with Clothed people or being Nude in Unusual places
October 2017 Paxos 2017
November 2017 Sensitive nipples - more thoughts
December 2017  Things that others do with their penises and other bits of their bodies
February 2018 More Life Drawing Poses

Video Index

I'm slowly creating a series of videos to help illustrate some of the subject areas covered in my webpage. This is the index of the videos.

Gallery Re-launch

The idea of a Visitors Gallery was inspired by one of the replies that I received from the Web Page in June 1998. Its a great idea, and I should have thought of it before!

As the webpage become more popular and with digital photos being easier to take, the rate at which photos were submitted steadily grew. However it became a victim of its own success. By mid 2003, it was taking so long to 'sort out the photos', that it became too demanding to maintain, so the gallery was closed and began to stagnate.

With a bit more time on my hands and a high speed broadband connection I have decided to re-launch the visitors gallery.

See Peter In The Flesh!

Either nude modelling or have a talk about my nude lifestyle

I'm more than happy to do nude modelling for life drawing classes within a reasonable distance of home (ie, London, Kent and South East England). So if you run an art class or camera clubs, etc and need a nude model, drop me an email.

I'm very happy to give illustrated talks about my nudist lifestyle to any group or organisation that might be interested. So if you belong to a group that you think would enjoy a talk and discussion on the subject of nudity, why not drop me an email. I'm quite happy to talk to any group of people whether they are nudists or not. Regardless of the group, the speaker would of course be nude.

I hope that you will find it all interesting. The page was first launched on 30th August 1997.

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