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Yes, it is possible to enjoy walking in the remoter parts of the countryside of South East England in the nude. The fact is that few people wander further than 200 yards from a car park. Quite often we are able to walk for several hours without meeting anybody!

We originally started these walks in 1993 under the title of Singles' Outdoor Club (SOC) Walks, but in 2016 the walkers separated from SOC and the Naturist Ramblers (Nat Ram) were set up as a group that totally concentrated on naturist walking. Naturist Ramblers is affiliated to British Naturism (BN).

The object of our walks is to enjoy the exhilaration of walking without the encumbrance of clothing. Our walks are open to all naturists over the age of 18 who agree to abide by the Naturist Ramblers Constitution.

We enjoy walking nude where circumstances permit. It is not, however, our intention to cause anyone any offence. The walks are planned to take place in fairly uninhabited parts of the countryside to minimise the chance of meeting textile walkers.

Each of these walks is between 10 and 14 miles in length and are planned in reasonably unpopulated areas.

Most walks start from a pub at about mid-day. We usually conclude our day with supper together in the pub, so you might like to arrange to be free all day if you are coming to join us. If you have to get away a little earlier, be aware that particularly when the weather is fine we may not return to the starting point until 7:00pm.

The walks are not 'route marches', but as a group we do need to maintain a steady pace. Many of the walks are in hilly country, and all are in reasonably unpopulated areas for obvious reasons. The going along footpaths through woods and over fields can be rough and at times muddy underfoot in places, so you need to be reasonably fit.

We hope to be able to walk most of the way in the nude. We cannot however guarantee that the weather will be warm enough for this!