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Welcome to our Naturist Ramblers webpage! As our name implies we are a group who enjoy walking nude in the Great British Countryside where circumstances permit. Yes, it is possible to enjoy walking in parts of the countryside of South and South East England in the nude. The fact is that few people wander further than 200 yards from a car park. Quite often we are able to walk for several hours without meeting anybody!

We originally started these walks in 1993 under the title of Singles' Outdoor Club (SOC) Walks, but in 2016 the walkers separated from SOC and the Naturist Ramblers (Nat Ram) were set up as a group that totally concentrated on naturist walking. Naturist Ramblers is a member club of British Naturism.

Coronavirus - an update to all members

The update below is the one issued before Lockdown 2. Obviously as a result of the latest lockdown, all walks are suspended for the duration of the lockdawn.

We would like to think that once Lockdown 2 is lifted then our walks will resume following the same approach as outlined below:


Government legislation relating to outdoor social gatherings changed on the 14th September 2020. The changes are widely known as the 'rule of six'.

As with previous changes in Government legislation Nat Ram looks to follow the guidance of other similar groups. In our case national accredited body responsible for rambling is the Ramblers. They highlight that 'outdoor physical activity events’ are exempt from the new restrictions and are not bound by the 'rule of six' restrictions. The actual wording in the legislation that relates to the exemption is: "a gathering which is organised for the purposes of allowing persons who are not elite sportspersons to take part in any sport or other fitness related activity". We are certainly not elite, but do take part in a fitness related activity, and are therefore covered by the exemption.

However, although we are exempt, we will still follow the 'rule of six' legislation. We will continue to operate our multiple pod system for all our walks, but the pod sizes will be no more than six people. We will ensure a suitable distance between pods.

Please contact our Secretary for further details.


A frequently asked question relates to the legality of what we do. For many years the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has made it clear that our style of nude walking is not illegal. In the spring of 2018 the Police further clarified the situation by actually putting it in writing that passive nude rambling is a lawful activity.

The object of our walks is to enjoy the exhilaration of walking without the encumbrance of clothing. Our walks are open to all naturists over the age of 18 who agree to abide by the Naturist Ramblers Constitution.

The walks are planned to take place in fairly uninhabited parts of the countryside to minimise the chance of meeting textile (clothed) walkers.

Naturist Ramblers organise both longer and shorter walks. The longer walks are referred to as 'Nat Ram' walks and generally start from a pub at about mid-day and are between 10 and 14 miles in length. Some of these walks do have shorter alternatives. We usually conclude our day with supper together in the pub, so you might like to arrange to be free all day if you are coming to join us. If you have to get away a little earlier, be aware that particularly when the weather is fine we may not return to the starting point until 7.00pm.

The shorter walks are referred to as 'Stark Trekkers' walks. These walks offer monthly walks throughout the year in Kent and Sussex. They are about half the length of Nat Ram walks. They meet mid-morning and finish mid-afternoon with a visit to a local tea shop.

Both sets of walks are not 'route marches', but as a group we do need to maintain a reasonably steady pace. The going along footpaths through woods and over fields can be rough and at times muddy underfoot in places, so you need to be reasonably fit.