There are lots of photos of life drawings of me, together with photos of me posing on the 'Poses' webpage.

As you will probably gathered by now, I just love being nude and I'm not particularly bothered about who sees me nude. One of the things that I always fancied doing was nude modelling. It is difficult to say why I fancied doing it, but I think that it was a combination of three factors. These were my love of being nude, my exhibitionist tendencies, but probably the most intriguing factor was the thought that I would be pushing my nude experiences in to a new area, namely, being nude when surrounded by total strangers who were not nudists.

Most nudists, including myself, spend their time naked either on their own, with other nudists at the local club, or with non-nudist friends who are used to seeing them nude. The thought of turning up in a class room, with a dozen or so clothed strangers, and then taking all my clothes off, would certainly be different!

For some reason, art classes in UK that concentrate on drawing nude models are called life drawing classes. I'm fairly fortunate as our local Council runs a good adult education system, which includes several life drawing classes. I tried writing to the 'head of art' and the various tutors, but to be fair I did not get much response. I then decided that the direct approach might be better, so I paid a visit to the various classes and introduced myself to the tutors. This approach was much more productive and I found it to be the best way to get work. I think that it also helps the tutors as they can actually see what you look like and can get some idea of what type of person you are.

My first attempts at modelling were in 1999. As the day approached, I did wonder what it would be like, but never regretted my decision to say that I would do it. On the day I turned up as arranged slightly earlier than arranged. Several members of the class had already arrived and were busy setting up their easels etc. Some were studying for A level qualification, and others were just there because they enjoyed painting. Fred (the instructor), showed me the type of pose required. The main problem, regardless of the actual pose chosen, was that it was necessary to hold the pose for an hour. There would then be a 15 minute rest, and then go back to holding the same pose for another hour! Needless to say, to hold any pose for an hour, without moving too much, means that pose has to be in a fairly relaxed position.

Fred showed me the changing room. I went and took all my clothes off. Even though I'm a hardened nudist and through these webpages people from all around the world have see my nude body, as I stood there completely naked, about to walk out through the door into the class room, it did feel rather odd to emerge nude in front of a bunch of complete clothed strangers. Needless to say, it was only a moment's hesitation. I opened the door and presented myself. As I stood there naked, I could only think to my self 'this is me', as it is not possible to hide anything.

Have you ever had the dream that you are naked in somewhere like your local High Street. Nobody else is that bothered about you, but you feel slightly uncomfortable about the situation, as it does not quite feel right. Emerging through the changing room door was a bit like the dream!

There were no reaction from the class at all, they just continued setting up their equipment. They would have seen it all before, in fact seen it every week before, as it was a regular weekly class! I got into my pose, and off we went for the first hourly session.

So when was the last time that you sat still for an hour? Like me, I suspect never! So what do you do? you can't move, all you can do is to observe and think.
There were 16 students in the class, 6 male and 10 female. The males were older than the females with an age range 30 ish to 40 ish. I got the impression that most of the females were studying for their A levels, and consequently over half of them were in the age range 16 - 17. The whole class were concentrating on me with great intensity. It was quite amusing trying to work out which bit they were painting at any particular time.

I use the word 'painting', but the various media included charcoal, water colour and oil. Eventually the hour passed and it was time for a tea break and to inspect the half finished masterpieces. One of the 'girls' kindly volunteered to get me a cup of tea to save me the bother of getting dressed. Needless to say all the drawings were quite different. The main reason being that each one was drawn from a slightly different angle, and also, at this stage, they were only half complete. There then followed an impromptu conversation on various styles of drawing. As the discussion continued, none of the class seemed the slightest bit bothered that I was naked while they standing there clothed. As far as I was concerned there was little point in getting dressed as the room was quite warm, and they had been sitting looking at my nude body for the past hour.

After a 15 minute break, it was back to work! For some reason, the second hour passed faster than the first. Towards the end of the session, several of the students finished their drawing, discussed it with Fred and their colleagues, then packed up and went home. I felt quite disappointed that I could not see their finished work. However, at the end of the session there were still quite a few students remaining, so I was able to see their finished work. Some of the styles were quite different. None of them were like photographs, as they clearly all had a degree of 'artistic licence', but never the less they were quite impressive.

In 2006 I retired from work so had lots of time on my hands. I though that would be a good opportunity to get back into life modelling again. I managed to pick up work modelling for drawing and sculpture classes. One interesting class was for students who were in the year or so before they go to university. In the event it turned out to be a group of 16 and 17 years girls. I spoke to the tutor prior to the class and he thought that they had only previously done life drawing of female models. I suspect that many of them had never seen a live naked man before. Even the ones that had seen a naked man before it would have almost certainly not been in a non-sexual situation, i.e. with a soft penis! Their drawings were interesting and just a bit different, with the penis clearly being the centre of their attention. As a life model, when being drawn it is very obvious that the students are constantly switching their view between their canvas and the model. Some switch almost every second or so. It was clear that some of the girls hardly ever looked at me, and that they just drew what was in their minds. That certainly gave rise to some interesting drawings! One actually finished up with my penis being as thick as my arm! Some of the others had my penis significantly larger and more erect than mine was during the modelling session, which I suspect is another example of drawing what they imagine rather that what they see.

In January 2008 I was asked to model for a class at a Catholic girls school. Again, the group of 16 to 17 year olds needed some life drawing experience for their exams. I did warn the tutor about my earlier experiences and explained that she should be aware that there was a good chance that many of her pupils had never seen a nude man before and that even if they had, then it would not have been in a non-sexual situation. By the time of the class the tutor had obviously done her home work and had informed the girls that the model would be a 'man'. Appararently, when this was announced to the class it was greeted by a few 'Oh my gods!'.

In another class that I modelled for, a woman did a tremendous drawing of me, but gave me a purple and red penis!

I managed to get involved with a sculpture class, during which I had to maintain the same pose for 6 sessions spread out over 6 weeks. It was great working with the same group over a long period as we all got to know each other quite well. They were fascinated by my all over tan. I just told them that I was a nudist and that I spent most of my life naked, whether that was gardening, walking, sailing etc. They were receptive to the idea and we chatted for quite a while about it. I tended to arrive in good time for the class, take my clothes off and then wander around chatting to them without a stitch on. During the break, one of the girls did say that they all went for a coffee in the canteen, but that I would have to put my clothes on if I wanted to join them. I got the impression that one of their earlier models had gone to the canteen with just a towel wrapped around them, which did not go down too well in the canteen.

 The Pose


As the weeks progressed, it was fascinating to see how all the sculptures progressed. Some tried to model me exactly, while others used me as a reference and applied some artistic licence, producing their versions of the sculpture.


Over the 6 week period I was able to chat with various members of the group on all sorts of issues. One young lady had clearly done lots of nude drawing and sculpture. I told her about the young girls that I had modelled for and how it was probably the first time they had seen a naked man in the flesh. She told me about the first time she did some nude drawing. It was of a woman, but as she started to draw, she was shaking with nerves. She put it down to the fact that society conditions you to think that looking at naked people is wrong. I asked her how she got on when she did her first drawing of a naked man. She said that by that stage she had got over her nerves and was alright about it. I got chatting to one of the men about did students find some of the younger women models attractive from a sexual point of view. His reaction was that when you see an attractive naked woman, you can't help but think that she is 'nice'. But as you start to get involved with the drawing or sculpture, you get more involved with the shape and the curves and any sexual side to it gets put on the back burner. So if the men find the women attractive, the women must find the men attractive. I suggested that he should ask around, but he declined!



The six week period finished at the end of the autumn term just before Christmas. After the last class we had a Christmas party. We all brought in drinks and eats for the party. At the end of the class, the sculpture equipment was cleared away and the food set out. I knew that I had to make a decision whether to attend the party nude or dressed. Obviously I had been nude up to the end of the class, so it would have been just a case of not getting dressed. I suspected that nobody would have minded. I did however think about the situation of me sitting there nude after a few glasses of wine and what might happen to my penis when I and everybody else got relaxed! In the event, it was a freezing day and the sculpture room was quite cool, so the and I was quite grateful to get dressed and attend the party textile!


One question that regularly gets mentioned is what you would do if you met somebody in one of the classes who you knew. Let me tell you about it! I sing for our local opera group. We had just performed a Mozart concert. I mentioned it in conversation, when one of the girls (Ann) said that her husband (Stuart) had also been in the same concert. It turned out that we had been sitting next to each other while singing the Mozart Requiem! While his wife was doing her sculpture class, Stuart was doing a life drawing class upstairs. As the coffee break arrived, Stuart actually arrived to take the break with is wife. As Stuart arrived, Ann pointed out to him that I was doing the modelling for the class. I just laid there in my nude pose and greeted Stuart. We then discussed how well the concert went.


The following week another one of the girls (another Ann) saw the logo on my sweatshirt and recognised it. Se said that she was sure that she had seen me somewhere before, but could not pin point it. Once she saw the logo, she made the connection with singing and realised that we had both sung for the same group about ten years ago. What's more she knew my wife (Maggie) and had actually been to our house! A week or so later Maggie and I went to the local theatre, and we bumped into Ann in the Foyer. Ann said to Maggie 'Has Peter told you about what we get up to on a Monday morning!' Fortunately, Maggie was fully aware of my nude modelling, otherwise it could have taken quite a bit of explaining!

So when meeting non nudist friends in such a situation was not a problem for me. Neither they nor I were embarrassed. They now know a bit more about me and certainly know what I look like!

I always have a bit of a dilemma as to whether I should cover up when not actually modelling. As all the classes only use one model at a time, it means that you never get to meet other models, so you never get to know how they inter-react with the class. I tend to work on the assumption that as they spend all the class drawing every bit of me in minute detail, then there is little point in putting on a robe before or after the class or during the break. I have raised the issue with some of the students during our chats during the break periods to see how comfortable they are with me and my nude lifestyle. The general reaction is that the people on the classes are adult and mature enough not to be bothered by it all. When I was modelling for the young girls, the girlfriend of the tutor was also in the class and while I was chatting with her about the matter, she thought that young girls and possible older people might find my nudity hard to cope with. She suggested that most models do use a robe. Another girl in the sculpture class thought that as a nude model on a platform, there was always a 'comfort' space between the model and the student. When you leave the platform, then that space disappears and as a result could make some people feel rather awkward. Neither of the two girls had a problem with me wandering about naked, but were just putting themselves in the position of others.

So it appears that the students, as far as they are concerned, are not that bothered about whether I cover-up, but some think that I should cover-up in case there might be somebody in the class who might not be willing to ask me to cover-up if offended.

Most of the tutors I work for, I have worked for many times before. There is only one tutor who is very strict on the matter and absolutely insists that I cover up. There was another tutor who clearly was more comfortable when I covered up. All the other tutors appear not to care less. As a nudist, it is great during a break not to have to cover up, and to chat with the students bout their work, with me standing next to them in the same state as they drew me. It is also very pleasant to be presented with a cup of tea, and chat with the whole group, 'as nature intended'.



While modelling for another class in January 2007, was chatting with the tutor during a break and she was complaining about all the admin that the tutors have to do. She mentiomed that in these days of equal opportunities, she could not actually refuse admission to a blind person. I said that knowing just how resourceful blind people are, I could imagine them drawing from feel, using their hands. I said that in retrospect the idea of being drawn by somebody feeling my shape sounded quite a fun idea!

She also had to make an announcement to the class that she suspected that there might be a fire drill soon. She went through all the usual stuff about leaving the building as quick as possible and not to stop to pick up your belongings. Then somebody said, 'what about Peter if he is sitting there with no clothes on'. I said that I would be quite happy to go to the assembly area as I was, but she thought that may be I should put some clothes on first! An interesting aside was what happens to people in wheelchairs, bearing in mind that we were on the first floor? The instruction was to leave them at the top of the stairwell. We all thought that the idea was a bit unfair, but the tutor suggested that the person in the wheelchair probably gets the best deal (especially if they are female), as they get rescued by a big hunky fireman in a uniform!

I remember one group that I modelled for, which was un-tutored, had about 10 very accomplished students / artists. Each week one of them would select a famous artists style, and then all the artists would work to that style for the session. One particular week Lucian Freud was selected. A book showing glossy photos of his drawing was produced, and with mutual agreement, a suitable pose adopted for me to model. It was great fun, with lots of conversation about how we could best capture his style.

Freud has built up a formidable reputation as one of the most powerful contemporary figurative painters. Portraits and nudes are his specialities, often observed in arresting close-up detail. Many of his portraits are reclining and clearly focus on the genital area.

These are examples of his work.





I'm not convinced that we got that close, but it was good fun trying!

Looking at the final drawings I could not help but notice that while Freud's paintings were slightly on the sensual side, the resulting drawings were probably more sensual than Freud intended!. Not being a shy person, while in convsersation wth Sue, who was the group leader, I mentioned that I thought that the pose was a bit more sensual than may be Freud intended. The whole class were clearly quite happy to draw the poses without any smudged out areas or adverse comments, so I kind of concluded, that the class were not unduly perturbed by the poses.

Her reply was along the lines: "As they were a small group of mature adults it really did not cause a problem at all, especially as the poses were based on Lucian Frued's drawings which can be sensual in their own right". She did say that with larger more mixed groups it might be a problem. She did say that she would not be sure what kind of comments she might get if she posted some of the drawings on the College noticeboard!"

These and other drawings from the class are in my 'Poses Webpage'.

When adopting a pose, I just stand, sit or recline according to the desires of the tutor or the arts class. Obviously the final pose is 'fine tuned' by me to make it as comfortable as possible. Although I have been life modelling for quite a few years and have seen literaly hundreds of paintings and drawings of my nude body, I have never really given the matter much thought as to how I look. Believe it or not, to my eye, a photo of the pose can be quite different to the way that the pose gets drawn. I do not have many photos to me posing, but in early 2009 I was doing a pose that was going to be the same for four sessions. I always have my camera with me so I suggested that the tutor take some photos of the pose for reference in later weeks when trying to get back into the pose.


 Becomes this:

When I saw the photos it was nothing like imagined the pose to look like. All the best tutors encourage some rotation and twist in the pose, lots of angles and negative space is always good, so is a variation in levels. So in a reclining pose, having your shoulders and hips at a different angle is always good, and having your legs raised gives a difference in level and some negative space. But when I saw the photo I thought that it looked as if I had just had an orgasm, not to mention some very clear views of parts that the 'sun never reaches'!

Just before the second session I had a word with the Stuart (the tutor) to check that he was happy with the pose and to make sure that it was not too 'suggestive'. He had no problems with the pose, and as you can see from the resulting drawings, at least two of the students admirably captured the mood.

When we embarked on a series of 5 minute poses, realising that the photo of a pose was not necessarily what you see in the drawings, I asked the Stuart to take some photos of the poses so that I could compare them with the resulting drawings. The results of this experiment are shown in my 'Poses Webpage'.

I must admit that I am a little confused where to draw the line between where a nude pose ceases to be a good pose and become 'suggestive'. I have been doing poses similar the one above for years, and I have only ever received a positive reaction and lots of repeat work!. Consequently I have started to conclude that may be I'm too sensitive to the issue and that I should not be afraid of doing poses that are a 'hint' more suggestive to me, but the check with the tutor that he or she is happy.

These are example of such poses, which are also in the 'Poses Webpage':

In this pose I'm just standing with my legs slightly apart. My hands are clasped firmly on my bum, the cheeks of which are being pulled up. This defines the muscles in both my arms, upper and lower body, while giving my spine a curious outward curvature.



This pose is based on a cat stretching. Again, it gives lots of negative space and unusual angles and perspective. My concern with this pose is that anybody with a 'rear view', really does get a view of not just my bum, but anus as well. Stuart was quite happy with the pose, but the class found it difficult to get right.

I've done some more experimenting with this pose as described below.


This pose was suggested by Stuart, who wanted me to 'show my muscles' while having a broom stick behind my back. It was a 30min pose, but I managed to last out, with just about every muscle having a go!



In April 2009 I was modelling for a several new classes and new tutors. During one class I was modelling for Karen. It was only a small class, so I tried the 'Cat' pose as part of a short pose. They clearly liked it, with words like 'exquisite' being used. In a different class I was modelling for Sue, it was the second class in a series and I had it in mind to try the 'Cat' pose again. It is not something that you spring on a tutor without warning. During the first session I mentioned that I had some slightly unusual poses, and that if she did not like them, just tell me immediately and stop the pose. During the second session she wanted a 30 min pose so I went for the 'Cat' pose. At the time I said that I had a 'cat stretching' pose, which I could try if she liked it. She had no objection. I got into the pose, but as I did, I stopped, and reminded her that if she did not like the pose, then all she had to do was to say so. Her only reaction was to ask me to rotate the pose slightly.

As I got into the pose the general reaction was 'Gosh! That is a bit different'. There were jokes about praying to Mecca, but once they settled into drawing the pose, the comments became much more favourable. Apart from the unusual angle of the buttocks, I don't think that they had seen the muscles around the shoulder blades and upper arms in such a way before.



After 30 mins it was clear that the pose was a great success, with some great drawings being produced. After the class was finished, I had a chat with Sue about 'life in general' and touched on her reaction to the Cat pose. She said that it was certainly different. The reason she asked me to rotate the pose was because initially my anus was too visible to one of the students. We then had a discussion about life drawing and the bits of the body that normally get drawn, and the bits that do not. I said that I thought that it was a bit strange that while the full frontal view of the male body was drawn all the time which shows the real 'business end' of the male body, i.e. penis, scrotum etc, the buttocks and anus never got a 'look in'. Its all a bit strange, when the buttocks are just large muscles and the anus is just an orifice, which is no where near as significant as the penis. We both agreed that Society has a lot to blame for it, and that generally the buttocks and anus get a 'bad press', hence the reluctance to draw that part of the body, However she was quite relaxed about it.


She then went on to say that she spends lots of her time tutoring for life drawing clases, so she spends lots of time with naked people, so much so, that it becomes second nature and that she stops thinking that they are naked in a clothed environment, but it just becomes a normal situation. She thought that may be she should stop and think about the situation rather more consciously. I think that she already knew that I was a nudist, but I said that personally nudity is the norm. Its great to pose nude and I'm quite happy to adopt weird and wonderful poses, but when you have been nude in front of the class for so long, it does seem 'no quite right' to have to get dressed at the end of it! Basically it was very interesting talking to a 'textile', who was so relaxed with nudity.

I did some more modelling for Karen. Her class is quite advanced and during one session we basically did two related 30 min poses. The first pose was me in a comfortable position, with the students drawing me in their usual style, but drawing me in maximum detail. During the second pose she asked me to adopt a 'self indulgent' pose, with the students drawing me in a style that was alien to them. But what did she mean by 'self indulgent'? I asked her to 'set' me in the type of pose that she had in mind. She set me up facing the class with my legs stretched wide apart in a vaguely seated pose. She then suggested to move the pose until it was uncomfortable, and then to move it back until it was just comfortable! I finished up resting on my elbow with my hands across my chest, near my nipple. But I still could not figure out the 'self indulgent' bit? Until it 'clicked'. With my fingers on my nipples, the obvious thing to do was to totally focus in on my penis. You can't get more 'self indulgent' than that! (in public anyway).

She thought that the resulting pose and drawings that it produced were stunning!



I do quite a bit of modelling for The Royal Drawing School, formerly known as The Prince's Drawing School in London. It is one of the charities formed by the Prince of Wales. In April 2011, I was asked to do a days modelling at their main base in Shoreditch. That's all fairly standard, however, they then came back to me asking if it would be OK to have another model in the same room. The other model would be female, but we would not be expected to model together and consequently there would be no physical contact. That all sounded rather different, and did not represent a problem.

On the day of the modelling session, both myself and the other model turned up at about the same time. Her name was Tinka. I had met her briefly before, but only in passing as she had been previously modelling at the same time as me, but in a different studio.

It was a large class, 25 ish students and two tutors. We were in one large studio, but by the time everybody was in and set up, there was not vast amounts of space for the models. As is usual with these things, the session started off with some quick poses. So we stripped off and commenced our different poses, but to be fair we were not that far apart. I don't know how Tinka felt about it, but although I'm a nudist and used to the sight of naked bodies, however to be stood, nude, so close to a nude female stranger, was a little unusual. However, it all went OK. We completed several such poses and then went into a longer pose. This was set up by the tutors and consisted of Tinka sat on the floor with me sat on a chair looking down on her. As before the distance between us was fairly minimal. After that pose we took a break.

During the break I chatted with Tinka and it was clear that she had done quite a bit of modelling with other male models. Realising that our poses were getting physically closer together, I asked if she had any problems with physical contact. She was quite relaxed about it.

After the break we continued in the same vein, with some quite physically close poses. After the lunch break we did a couple of quick warm-up poses. As we started the second pose, I asked if she danced at all. Before she knew it, she was whisked away in to a 'ballroom hold' pose. She made no objection but said after that it did come as a bit of a surprise! When the tutors saw the pose his reaction was 'beautifull'!

Have a look a more poses drawn during the class.

The Prince's Drawing School also ran classes at Kensington Palace. For those of you who do not know, this is a Royal Palace in Central London, former home of Queen Victoria and Princess Diana, after she divorced from The Prince of Wales. Not only is it the former home of Diana, but the art classes are actually run in her old appartments. There is a famous BBC interview with her, if you look at the part where she is sitting in front of a large fireplace - well I've posed in front of that fireplace, quite often!

In February 2012 I was asked to do a two day pose. Classes at the Palace tend to specialise in long poses. During the afternoon of the first day, the tutor (Andy) was getting a bit agitated and thought that we might need to take a break as His Royal Highness was about to pass through! Which royal highness was that? - I asked. Andy replied - The Boss! I suggested that I was quite happy to keep posing, so we continued for a few more minutes. Andy then said, "No - I think that we should stop and take a break". So we all stopped, and I put my robe on. A few minutes later the Royal entourage arrived - HRH Prince Charles, the Duchess of Cornwall (Camilla) plus a few assistants.

Camilla went off and started chatting to to some of the students who were in front of the fireplace. Charles also chatted with some of the students but gradually drifted in my direction. Head assistant asked my name "Peter" I replied, and in no time at all she turned to him and said "This is Peter". Gulp! "Ah Helllo" the Prince said, and we shook hands. "So this is the pose that you have been modelling" he said looking at one of the paintings. "I presume that you are taking a tea break" he suggested. I replied "That it was more of an His Royal Highness break - we took a break as we did not want to embarrass you". He though it quite amusing and laughed. We then chatted about the duration of the poses etc "Don't you doze off?" he asked.

After they all left, I slipped off my robe (which just happened to be royal blue), and we continued the pose.

That was about it really. All in an afternoon's life modelling!

In addition to posing for life classes, I also get asked to model for portrait classes. I do it, but I find modelling with your clothes 'on', no where as interesting as modelling 'nude'. I was asked to model for a sculpture class, where they just wanted to model my head. The students had to do a life size sculpture of my head. It was a two day class, so they had lots of time to 'get it right'. At the end if the class, all the heads were lined up together. To see about 20 life size versions for your head is wierd, almost scary! It was a cross between the Chinese Teracotta Army statues, and something out of Doctor Who! You almost thought that at night with the lights out, the heads might almost come to life - Scary!!

During December 2013 I had a regular booking to pose at a local art club. It is un-tutored class, but the organiser wondered if I could do some Christmas themed poses. She mentioned may be a reindeer outfit or similar. I said that all I had available was a Santa hat and my birthday suit! She replied not to worry about it, but that it was a nice idea.

It got me thinking that maybe I could do something with some old Christmas decorations. So I played around with my Santa hat, some tinsel and a bauble and came up with rather cheeky poses. One of these appeared on the introduction to my webpage in December 2013. There were several similar poses that were not quite as good and they finished up in my Photo Album. However, while OK for my Nudist Webpage, I was not convinced that they were suitable for a real life modelling session.

The photos in the Album show me slightly erect (I always have that problem in front of a camera!) Other than my erect penis, I thought that the sensitive part of the pose might have been the red bauble attached to the tip of my penis and the strip of tinsel wrapped around the base of my penis (in lieu of pubic hair!) - the other end of the strip of tinsel passed through my legs and emerged from my bum rather like a tail! I thought that it might have been just a bit too sensual for an art class.

But then I thought 'Be Brave and go for it!'. Give them a good laugh and see what the reaction is. Before the modelling session I had a chat with the organiser and told her roughly what I had in mind, and that if she was unhappy with the pose, then I could easily be changed. She was quite happy for me to go ahead!

Gulp! So there I was committed to going ahead with the idea of standing there in front of an art class with a red bauble hanging from the tip of my penis and sliver tinsel in place of pubic hair - not to mention the little tuft of tinsel poking out of my bum! In my changing area I stripped off and then 'got dressed' in my red bauble and tinsel. I put on my Santa hat and robe and emerged into the studio area clutching a very long length of tinsel. There was a mini round of applause at the sight of the Santa hat and long length of tinsel. I thanked them, but suggested that there might be even more to come!

The organiser gave a short introduction and then said 'over to Peter for some 5 minute poses'. As I slipped off my robe the students collapsed in hysterics!.....




But apart from the humour of the situation, they thought that the 'get up' was great! The various poses continued as they would do in a normal class.




During the tea break I did not bother to put my robe on (I rarely do these days) so mingled with the class dressed only in my Santa hat, red bauble, tinsel pubic hair and tinsel tail. As I stood there chatting away, one of the committee approached me, and said that she had been requested to ask ..... (that is it I thought, finally a complaint!)...if I could remove the tinsel during the second half of the session. The reason being that it obscured some of my muscle definition. Phew, I thought. No problem I replied! after I removed my 'bits', others from the class were disappointed that I had removed it as they had enjoyed drawing me with it 'on'.

So, in summary, I always enjoy pushing the boundaries when it come to my nudity and quite where it occurs. However, I did think that I might have gone too far this time and that inflicting my penis decorated with a red bauble and silver tinsel pubic hair, not to mention my tinsel tail, might just have been too much for an innocent art class. However, my fears were unfounded! they loved the experience, and so did I! I suspect that the session will be remembered by all of us for a long time.

As the results for that art class were so positive, I thought that I should repeat the pose for two other classes that I would be modelling for that week. Both classes were tutored. At both classes I did give the tutor some idea about the poses and said that if they did not like it, the I would stop. At the first class, I posed like it for about 30 mins, when we gave up on the tinsel and went back to 'normal' poses. It was not helped by one young student (who I suspect is slightly mentally retarded) saying 'that's rude'. However one student did say that thought that it was great! For the second class, the tutor saw the pose and stopped it immediately with a resounding No!

So the range of reaction went from 100% positive to 100% negative - confused or what!! It think that the conclusion is that where a tutor is in charge of a group, they try and protect them just in case somebody might be offended. To be fair it is their class and livelihood, so want to be seen as squeaky clean in the eyes of their employer - the adult education authority. The initial class that gave a 100% positive reaction was un-tutored. Although it is a large very reputable group of artists, there was not single person in charge and very much a club atmosphere. Also they had invited me to do a Christmas themed pose.

I recently modelled for a Friday evening class. To make it more attractive it was entitled 'Drink and Draw'. A great idea, especially if the model can join in the 'drinking' bit, which indeed was the case. I actually did some poses clutching a wine glass. The only problem is that you can't actually drink from the glass in mid-pose! However the tutor was very helpful and provided a waitress service, keeping my glass topped up!

The class was a mix of all abilities. The age range was quite young, generally under 25. Some students had clearly never attended a life class before, but it was not a problem. I did my usual range of poses, in one of which I had my legs apart. During the break I was chatting with one of the young students and while pointing to a drawing of the open legged pose, said that she thought that I was very brave! I replied that as a nude life model you do get to see the whole of me and that being nude, you can't hide bits!

As part of the tution, the tutor tried to give a few hints & tips. She suggested that before they started a drawing, they should focus in on the thing that most caught their eye, whether that was Peter or may be just a shadow on the wall. Then start the drawing with that feature and expand the drawing around it. During the last pose of the evening there was another young lady sat on the floor with her drawing board directly in front of me. She obviouly remembered the tutor's advice to start with the thing that most caught her eye. As she was in front of me I could see how the drawing progressed. She started by drawing my penis and testicles, but not soft (as it was) but an erect penis. She then drew the rest of me, radiating out from my genitals. The end result was quite a good drawing!

I had the opportunity to be 'body painted' and being always keen to try new things, I could not refuse the offer! The painting subject was the 'Garden of Eden'.

It was a rather different life modelling situation, where I was the actual canvas for the 'Garden of Eden', rather than me being painted onto a canvas, So I just for a change, was really being painted - if you understand me! Have a look at the process and the results.


I recently stumbled across a painting by John Singer Sargent entitled "A Nude Boy on a Beach" painted in 1878. It is currently in the Tate Gallery, London.

Not for the first time, I thought 'I could do that pose!' So here goes:






It always surprises me that life drawing / painting tutors never refer to the genitals by name. In all the years that I have been a model the nearest that tutors actually get to mentioning the genitals are crutch. Once I actually heard one refer to my 'bum'. It is all very strange considering that one of the most distinctive 'things' about modelling from life is that the model is nude with the genitals being on full view.

I was recently doing a long three hour seated pose. The tutor was telling the class that it did not really matter which part of the drawing they started with, but just to choose that as the focus and then let the rest of the drawing radiate out from that focus point. It was a very relaxed class, comprising of about 8 middle aged women and the female tutor. I have modelled for the tutor many times and frequently chatted during a pose.

I recounted the 'Drink and Draw' story mentioned above, where a young lady did exactly wat the tutor had recommended, and had started with my genitals, and actually drawing my penis fully erect! That story kind of opened the flood gates. The tutor followed it up with a story about some young girls in her class who were attending the class as part of a school lesson. It turned out that the girls came from a religious school. When they showed the drawings to the nuns back at the school, the nuns told the girls to rub out the genitals!

One of the students in the class recounted a Summer school that she had attended. Part of the course was a life drawing session. She said that the model had the most enormous penis, so much so, that none of the class could bring themselves to draw it full size, so everybody drew it smaller that it was in real life! The school had a gallery where drawings by previous students were exhibited. She said that there were quite a few drawings of the same chap, and every drawing showed him with a smaller than life penis!

It was quite a surreal situation, being nude and the only male locked in a classroom with 8 mature women discussing male genitals!

Royal Academdy of Arts, London

I'm always firing off emails to any organisations that use life models, with a hope that I might get some modelling work out of them. The vast majotiry come to nothing, but every now and then, one 'sticks'! One such email resulted in an invitation to model at the Royal Acamedy of Arts in London (RA). Not just to model for them, but to model for them in the historic Life Drawing Room!

It is only probably if you are 'into art' that you might appreciate the significance of the place. The Royal Academy was originally formed in 1771, but moved to its current home in 1868. Not just a home but a luxurious building and courtyard off Picaddily, right in the heart of fashionable London. and famous artist like Constable and Turner 'cut their teeth' in the Life Drawing Room.

It is quite small, but it is raked so even people in the back row get an unobstructed view of the model(s). The horse in the corner of the room was rescued from George Stubb's studio (He is famous for his drawings of horses). I'm still trying to find out about all the bronze statue heads on the shelves!

The session that I was involved in used three models, two male and one female, spaced out around the room to provide some challenging views involving perspective.


Photograpic Modelling

In summer 2019 I was invited to do some life modelling for an eminent photographer. In all my years of life modelling I had never actually done any photographic modelling.

The photographer is intending to put on an photographic exhibition in late 2020 with the subject being mature life models. The more wrinkles the better!

He had access to a photographic studio at
The Camera Club, which is an experience in its own right. It is based in Kennington, South London and was founded in 1885 and has had many distinguished members responsible for developing photographic techniques and processes over the years

Photographic life modelling, although basically similar to painting and drawing classes where the students want interesting poses, with twist and negative spaces etc, obviously with photography you do not have to hold a pose!

Obviously I have hundreds of photos already taken of me but always in some context, whether it is on holiday or walking, etc, where I feature, but rarely specifically with 'me' as the subject, so they are fascinating from that perspective alone.

I've no idea whether I'll make it through to the final selection of models and through to the final exhibition, and could well finish up on the 'cutting room floor!', but these are some of the poses.










Hester Finch

In October 2019 the eminent professional artist Hester Finch invited me to her studio for a life drawing session. The intention was to produce 3 pastel drawings, which she would sell.

Hester normally specialises in drawing women and especially pregnant women, so drawing a muscular male was a bit of a departure for her. Each of the drawings are about A4 size.

The three drawings that she produced are all for sale, if you are interested,
contact me and I will pass your details onto Hester.

James Lloyd

James is an eminent artist. He is also a tutor at the Royal Drawing School. One of his many claims tom fame is that he was asked to paint a portrait of Her Majesty The Queen, which was commissioned by Queen's College, Cambridge.

I have modellied for his portrait classes at the Royal Drawing School and as a result he has drawn me on several occasions. This is a recent drawing:

So one of my many claims to fame is that I have been drawn by an artist who has also painted The Queen!

There are lots more poses in my Poses Webpage

In conclusion, all my nude modelling sessions have been fascinating and memorable experiences. The people in the classes are good fun and very friendly. If you fancy having a go I would recommend it. Contact your art classes, nude models are always in demand. I'm sure that you will not regret it, and you actually get paid for taking your clothes off!

If you are interested further, then these are some relevent links:

Cambridge Life Drawing

Channel 4 TV Programme on Life Drawing

See Peter In The Flesh!

I'm more than happy to do nude modelling for life drawing classes within a reasonable distance of home (ie, London and South East England). So if you run an art class or camera clubs, etc and need a nude model, drop me an email. No reasonable offer refused!!

I was recently invited by the Gymnos group to give a talk about my webpage. Gymnos are a naturist swimming group who hold occasional nude socials. The talk covered a wide range of nudist issues, all of which are included in the webpage. Needless to say, both the speaker and audience were nude. It was a most enjoyable experience,and the Gymnos members clearly found it entertaining. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I just enjoy being nude, and if I can do something a little bit different, while being nude, then so much the better!

So if you belong to an organisation that you think would enjoy a talk and discussion on the subject of nudity, why not drop me an email. I'm quite happy to talk to any group of people whether they are nudists or not. Regardless of the group, the speaker would of course be nude.

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