Gallery Re-launch

The idea of a Visitors Gallery was inspired by one of the replies that I received from the Web Page in June 1998. Its a great idea, and I should have thought of it before!

As the webpage become more popular and with digital photos being easier to take, the rate at which photos were submitted steadily grew. However it became a victim of its own success. By mid 2003, it was taking so long to 'sort out the photos', that it became too demanding to maintain, so the gallery was closed and began to stagnate.

With a bit more time on my hands and a high speed broadband connection I have decided to re-launch the visitors gallery. Unfortunately the price of progress is that the original 15 Galleries no longer exist.

The Galleries were re-launched in February 2007 and reduced in number to 6 Galleries, but are still going strong.

In March 2021 Gallery 1 was getting a bit large, so I split it up. The Gallery structure is now:

Gallery 1 - 2021 onwards:
Gallery 2 - 2018 to 2020;
Gallery 3 - Pre 2018;
Gallery 4 - Even older!
Galleries 5 & 6 are empty.

I hate rules, but to enter the Visitor's Gallery there are a few simple rules:

You must be nude;
You must show your face, preferably smiling;
You are allowed two photos, so you chose the ones that you would like to submit and
email them to me;
Unless you tell me otherwise, I will include a link to your email address. If you would rather not have your email address included, just let me know;
They must be 'nice photos'. I'm not going to tell you what nice is! I'm happy to include photos of real life penises in real life situations (what ever that is!). If, in a real life situation your penis happens to be erect, then that would not necessarily cause me a problem. What I'm trying to avoid is a gallery of photos which just say "Hey, look at my erect penis". Just have a look at my webpages, which I consider to be full of 'nice photos'.
I decide what gets added to the gallery and my decision is final!!
You do need to be aware that by putting photos on the internet, they become available for the whole world to see and copy. While I have control over my website, and if you want, your photos can be removed from my website, but that does not nesessarily guarentee that they will be removed from the internet!

Sorry, its me again, but it could be you!!

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