Lots of Poses!

January 2007 Class

Sue's Life Drawing Class - Read the story behind these poses




 Sculpture class December 2007



Sculpture class January 2008 (River God)

Gone Abstract!

December 2008

January 2009

A whole wall of Peters! These are drawings of me from different angles. The tutor left them on tha wall for several weeks until the end of the 4 week session. I just hope that other users of the room appreciated it!


February 2009

This was the first class for ages where I asked the tutor to take photos of my poses. It is facinating to compare the actual pose with the final drawing. Have a look at my 'Life Webpage' to get an insight into some of the poses.

The pose:


The drawings:

The pose:



The drawings:



The pose:


The drawings:

The pose:



The drawings:




April 2009

I'm always trying out new poses. You never quite know how sucessful they might be until you try them out. Some work OK and others don't. Here are some of the sucessful ones.


February 2010

This pose was in front of a large mirror, so the 'image behind' is the reflection

Summer 2010



  I did this pose for an untutored group without stopping to think that I was fully showing the bits that the sun never normally gets to!

Autumn 2010






Spring 2011

 Short poses

Drawn by 'A' level students

Poses with Two Models

Autumn 2011




Best of 2012


 This is a Monoprint








During a class in February the tutor (Jennie) tried to re-create some of Lucian Freud's poses and images. The most successful was his very last (and unfinished) paintaing of 'Portrait of the Hound', which he started in 2011 and was unfinished at his death. Freud's model was David Dawson and the hound was Eli. They worked at the painting over a 2 year period for up to 4 hours a day. Our versions were completed in 1 hour.



More Freud style poses



Deck Chair Poses!




The artist Gericault has a famous painting in the National Gallery, London called A Shipwreck:

I saw it and thought that I could do that pose, so here are some versions of it!




More examples of Monoprinting, where the image is drawn onto a metal sheet covered with ink. The metal sheet is then run through a press with paper in contact with the sheet. It produces some brilliant images!

Laying on a bench

 I did a standing pose, which one of the students thought looked like the classical paintings of San Sebastien, so she painted me as San Sebastien from memory


 <The pose The result>


December 2013

<The pose The result>












The following drawings were from an all day pose








December 2014



Spring 2015





Winter 2015


 Opera rehearsal!




The pose and resultant drawings








Spring 2016


Pulling poses


and the resultant drawings



Autumn 2016







Modelling for a 4 week Sculpture Class










   A wall full of Peters









My more sensual Poses

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