Does Your Penis Fly The Flag For Your Country?

Believe it or not, there are various surveys of penis size as a proportion of body height across virtually the whole world. Ecuador comes top with Cambodia propping everybody up. Obviously it helps if you have a long penis and are not very tall!

Ecuador has the longest penis length (17.61cm), which is further helped by not being very tall, but returns an impressive erect penis length of 10.54% of their body height. The illustration below showing penis length in cm is slightly different to the above survey, but the trends appear to be similar.

The majority of readers of my website are from UK and USA. According to the first survey, we are both well down the list with average penis size of 13.58cm and 13.13cm returning a proportion of body height of 7.38 and 7.68 respectively.

I'm always a bit wary of survey results, especially on such a subject as penis size, as to put it bluntly, most men are quite happy to lie about the length of their erect penis. Being ever inquisitive and always willing to undertake a survey, I would be fun and interesting to get you the reader to partake in a similar survey to see how reliable their results are.

On my website I have always avoided asking the question 'how long is your erect penis' for a variety of reasons. One is that as mentioned above, men will not necessarily give an honest answer and it also begs the question of 'how do you reliably measure the length of an erect penis'.

It appears that there are two broad ways of measuring an erect penis. The obvious way is just to measure the length from the tip down to where it enters the body. This is called 'Non Bone Pressed Erect Length' (NBPEL) . The problem with this method is that it ignores the thickness of the fat pad between the base of the penis and the pubic bone. A more reliable method, which is used by urologists is called the 'Bone Pressed Erect Length' (BPEL). This method measures the length from the tip of the penis down to the pubic bone. It does require the measuring ruler to be 'poked' into the fat pad until contact with the pubic bone is felt. Your BPEL is then the length from the pubic bone to the tip of the erect penis.



This is my BPEL - 15.6cm

I found that it was easier to do the measurments resting my penis on a table or similar.

   Measuring the girth is more straightforward, just measure the girth at the widest point, but not around the glans.

If you are happy to take part in the survey can you
please submit:

Your BPEL along with a photo of you doing the measurement, Just to check that you are not cheating;
The girth of your erect penis taken at its thickest point along the shaft of the penis (not including the glans);
Your height;
Your nationality - all nationalitites welcome!
The measurements can be in either metric or imperial (feet and inches).

I would like to get a complete cross section of penis measurments, so please join in the survey, regardless of penis size.

I will add all the photos to my website along with the analysis of your erection length as a proportion of body height. I will also be able to analyse the volume of your erect penis. All this will be done by nationality to see how it all compares with the original survey.


Erect length as a proportion of body height is higher the longer your erect penis is. So far only examples from UK.

Erect girth is fairly constant regadless of erect penis length.


 Peter W - UK

 James P - UK

Stuart T - UK

BPEL = 7.56
G = 5.74
H = 5' 10"



Nick C - UK

BPEL = 5.625
G = 5.375
H = 5' 10"



Graham H - UK

BPEL = 6.85
G = 5.6
H = 5' 11"



Tom S - UK

BPEL = 7
G = 5.875
H = 5' 11"



 Clive R - UK

BPEL = 6
G = 5.3
H = 5' 11"



Tim C - UK

BPEL = 5.75
G = 5.5
H = 5' 11"



Dave P - UK

BPEL = 6.75
G = 5.25
H = 6'



 Laurie C - UK

BPEL = 6
G = 4.785
H = 5' 10"



 David H - UK

BPEL = 7.38
G = 8.13
H = 5' 10"



John J - UK

BPEL = 6.38
G = 4.5
H = 5' 10"



Barry J - UK

BPEL = 5.51"
G = 5.43"
H = 5' 6"



David R - UK

BPEL = 5.7"
G = 5.5"
H = 6'


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