This section of my webpage originally described my thoughts on the subject of erections. Like the rest of my webpage (and other things) it has grown, and as much as anything is about enjoying your body and all its 'bits'.

It obviously includes the penis and the more obvious 'sensious centrs' like the bum and nipples. I also looks a how other get enjoyment from their body, some you might be interested in, others you may not, in which case just 'skip' over them!

Apart from the obvious, it now includes my thoughts on:


Facts About the Penis
Penis Size
Micro Penis
Penis Enlargement
Soft to Erect Change in Size Survey
A link between large penis size and erectile problems?
Ball Size
How the Penis and all its bits work
Circumcision 'Pros & Cons'
Foreskin Restoration
Lesser Known bits of the Penis
The Frenulum
The Maxiglan
First Hand Exerience of Circumcision
Forced Circumcsion
The Ageing Process

The Bum and the Anus
Dry Orgasms
Ball Stretching
Erectile Dysfunction
Prostate Problems
Nipples and Breasts - Why do men have them?

Things that othes do with their penises and other bits of their body
My Penis - The Video

And More!!


Its all about a taboo subject and convention! For some reason few nudist / naturist webpages discuss the subject of erections. As far as I'm concerned, it is a subject that just can't be ignored. Whether you are a 'seasoned nudist' or a 'first timer' as a male you can not ignore that fact that a penis has a mind of its own, and can pop up without any say from its owner. What's more, if it does decide to 'pop up' the reaction you are likely to get could vary from ' disgusting' to it being ignored as 'I've seen them before and they all look very much the same'. It obviously depends on where you are at the time and the given situation. For what it is worth, I have tried to document my thoughts on the subject below. I hope that you can make sense of them, and that they are not misinterpreted, so here goes!

An erection is a natural state, and is generally brought on by thoughts of a sexual nature. I think that the basic concern is that a man, when aroused will rape or have sexual intercourse with the nearest women around. I can only speak from a personal point of view, but as I mentioned above, it does not take much to get my penis excited, and I find having a stiff penis a pleasurable experience. On the odd occasion when my penis gets (or starts to get) stiff on a nude beach, it will mean that I am happy, relaxed, enjoying a pleasurable experience, (normally witnessed by a smile on my face) and do not offer danger to anybody. I do think that people can get too hung up about the subject and take it too seriously. A light hearted view on the subject can be seen from this British sea side post card, which shows the lighter side of the subject.

While on the subject of postcards, the Greeks sell a postcard which is commonly available of a character called Seilinus (I think) who sports the most enormous erection (well by my standards it is enormous). It is on sale on postcard shops along with the general views across the bay etc, and no one is bothered by it. He has an alternative name of Satyros/Priapus, and is the Liberator of Sensual Inhibitions. According to one source, dates from 550 BC. His libidinous form on vases and amphoras accompanies most depictions of Dionysos and his maenads. Wildly dancing, hugely endowed, satyrs were shown with horse's tail and hoof, sometimes garbed as female, often engaged in pranks or contorted sexual coupling with each other, with men or with women. It may be a part of Greek history, but it always amuses me when I see the 'giant penis' on display in quite innocent Greek post card shops!

Much closer to home, on the downs rising from the small Dorset village of Cerne Abas in Southern England, the 60-meter tall Cerne giant and the Maypole mound above his head have marked a fertility power place since ancient times. The deep trenches (cut into the chalk rock of the hillside) outlining the giant's form have been maintained by generation after generation of local inhabitants. As you can see from the photo, the downs are still grazed by sheep.

Maypole dancing still occurred at the site as recently as 1635 when Christian authorities finally suppressed the pagan festivals. During prudish Victorian times the trenches of the giant's penis were filled with dirt and hidden beneath grass. The giant, whose name may derive from the Celtic fertility god Cernunnos, has the legendary power to cure barrenness in women, and childless couples still copulate while lying on the grass in the giant's phallus. A sight line taken up the giant's penis on May Day points directly at the sun as it rises over the crest of the hill.

There is a naturist group for men in Central London providing nude swimming (with sauna and steam room) and social events. The group is called Gymnos who have a very informative webpage. As part of their webpage, the have a 'Frequently Asked Questions' section for prospective new members. They have an enlightened section on the subject of erections:

Q. What happens if my worst fear happens - I get an erection? Will I be told off, criticised or even told to leave?

A. Getting an erection is a perfectly natural occurrence and happens to all men at times. No one will mind and you will not be told off, criticised or asked to leave. In fact nothing will happen at all as nobody takes any notice. It is just one of those things that happens. It can happen at a swimming session and at a social function but the same thing applies - it does not matter and there is no need to feel embarrassed.

Sunset BeachI am not suggesting for one moment that men should wave their stiff penises at every passer-by. The sight of a stiff penis is supposed to shock people, and waved with lewd intent, then shock will be the result and should not be condoned. But if it is not waved, and there is no lewd intent the you may well ask ‘what is the problem’? I do think that walking along with a stiff penis constitutes waving it! I did read somewhere that it is not necessarily the sight of a stiff penis that bothers people,but the intent!

Assuming that you are on a mostly nudist beach with no children around, then consider just who might be shocked. Every male has a penis, and will therefore have seen a stiff penis before. Assume that half the people are married, then half the women (ie, those married) will have seen a stiff penis. Assuming that half the remainder will have been involved in mutual petting sessions with men, and that half of the remainder who have not been involved, would like to, that leaves about 6%. I do not know just how many of them will be gay, but that will leave you with about 5% who are ‘unknown’.

This brings me to Norman’s Theory. He suggests that it is wrong to stop doing something that you enjoy on the basis that people might object to it. If they object, then let them say so. Then respect their desire and stop doing what ever you were doing. I would therefore deal with the 5% using Norman’s Theory, and enjoy myself until someone objected. You might say that that was selfish, but then, there again you may not be bothered (good old Norman). If you understood the above paragraphs, then award yourself a GCSE in psychiatric nursing (Norman was a psychiatric nurse).

You might be interested in an article that was sent by Peter from Australia. It is an extract from a book on Leonardo da Vinci (by Sherwin Nuland; Weidenfeld & Nicolson 2000), which contains a quotation from the great master of Renaissance anatomy about the penis:

"About the penis: This confers with the human intelligence and sometimes has intelligence of itself, and although the will of the man desires to stimulate it, it remains obstinate and takes its own course, and moving sometmes of itself without licence or thought by the man, whether he be asleep or waking, it does what it desires. Many times the man wishes it to practice and it does not wish to; many times it wishes to and the man forbids it. It seems, therefore, that this creature has often a life and intelligence separate from man and it would appear that the man is in the wrong in being ashamed to give it a name or exhibit, seeking rather constantly to cover and conceal what he ought to adorn and display with ceremony as one who serves."

Facts About the Penis

The National Health Service in UK has a great website covering all sorts of health issues. They have a couple of pages covering the penis and masturbation which may be of interest:

I've lifted the articles from their webpages and put them into a separate page, I hope that you find it informative. Let me know if you learn anything!

A Nude Alphabet

Penis Size

This rather conveniently brings me to the subject of penis size. If there are any purists out there, then you would probably say that size does not matter, but I've a sneaking suspicion that most men are curios about penis size, and how their penis compares, etc.

As a nudist, I'm quite familiar with the variation in size between different soft penises. I always think that they are like a finger print, ie, no two are the same. However to a non-nudist reading this page they could be totally unaware of the differences in size a soft penis can be. Just to give and indication of a smallish one and a largish one, I've extracted two example from the Images of Size webpage:


Even when a penis is flaccid it can change in size depending on its tempreature. Below are two example of how the size changes from hot to cold.


The Images of Size webpage gives a far more comprehensive indication of the how penis sizes vary. A description of their webpage is given below, which gives a much better summary of the subject than I could attempt:

"The site is arranged in picture gallery format. There are galleries in order of size, from the larger to the more compact penis

So - what IS normal? The answer seems to be - whatever you have is normal !
The penis is one of the most variable parts of the human body, and its many forms, sizes
But WHY have a site dedicated to penis size? Simple! Because so many men are curious about the penis. And no wonder, since the penis is such an essential symbol of manhood and masculinity. As men we may wonder what other men have got, we may admire the sheer masculinity of the penis, or we may feel insecure about our size - but we are always thinking about our penises!
HERE, you can see where you fit once and for all on the size scale - the results may surprise you, but one thing's for sure - you WILL know how you compare by the time you've seen the galleries!
If you like the idea of photos of very large cocks - or if you're just curious about how big a dick can be - or if you want to see a whole range of average penises, both cut and uncut, erect and soft, from both professional models and amateurs - well, you're in the right place!
This site will also prove that if you have a small penis then you are most definitely not alone! The penis regularly comes in all shapes and sizes from one inch to one foot long! You may not believe this now, but you will when you've seen the galleries!

There are currently over 450 penis size photographs arranged in size related galleries from large to very small indeed."

Another interesting site, called 'My-Penis', describes a personal account of a penis, its doings, its moods and functions, and accounts of its gloriously hard moments (well, minutes, really, and sometimes even hours) and its calmer, softer life hanging around waiting for something to happen?

Another site worth a visit is 'The Penis'. I've recently found a new website which in many ways is very similar to my erections webpage. It is full of photos discussing, showing and comparing erections and is well worth a look.

Penis Size by Nationality

Believe it or not, there are various surveys of penis size as a proportion of body height across virtually the whole world. Ecuador comes top with Cambodia propping everybody up. Obviously it helps if you have a long penis and are not very tall!

How does your penis size compare with your national average? Have to look here to check it out and join my survey if you want.

A Woman's Perspective

All this talk of penis size is very male orientated, what do women think about the subject? Is size as important to women as men would like to believe? So come on girls, I know that you read my webpages, let me know just how important you think the issue of penis size really is. It is clear that penis sizes do vary considerably, so what about vaginal size? Its only reasonable to think that they vary in both depth and width similar to the variability of penis size. My knowledge on the subject is limited, but I'm always willing to learn. This example on the left appears to be rather extreme. It is an unusual way to store your beer, and its no good if you like your beer cold. It is neat the way that the 'ring pull' is kept facing outwards. It could be that it makes it easier to extract, or it could be there as a test to see if the husband / boyfriend can open it with his tongue!

I've had an intertesting perspective on a woman's thoughts regarding penis size from Tina:

"My husband is a keen nudist (me much less so - too shy probably) and enjoys reading you web page very much. Recently he shared with me your article on penis size and wondered what I thought about the subject.

Normally I wouldn't contemplate publicly disclosing my thoughts on such a private topic. However, a night out with my girlfriends has changed my mind somewhat. After a few glasses of wine, our conversations somehow got onto the more risqué subject of sex. Before we knew it we were all freely discussing our sex lives. Nothing too intimate, but when a group of middle-aged woman get together the unexpected can happen.

Like men, I think it fair to say that women fantasise about sex as well. Anyway, somehow we got around thinking what it would be like to be seduced by a young Adonis. In our dreams yes, but the wine didn't stop us from describing what he would look like.
Standard cliché was our response; tall, blond, incredibly handsome with a "nice bum" but no one mentioned the size of his penis.

Until my husband asked me about my thoughts on penis size I never thought anymore about it, but I guess that night's playful banter sums up my thoughts on penis size - it really isn't that important.
I've seen many nude men, long, short and many sporting an erection, but I have always judged them by their personality rather than the size and appearance of their penis.

Sexually a few women may like a big penis, but most really don't care about penis size as the vagina will accommodate virtually any length as it has the most remarkable capacity for lengthening if the penis is inserted gradually when she is sexually aroused.

Some women are more impressed by the thickness of a penis, rather than its length. This is because some females like the sense of feeling stretched round the entrance to the vagina where the vagina is more sensitive to stimulation.

Nowadays many women have had several sexual partners and have probably experienced sex with different sized penises. I have but believe me when I say - focus shouldn't be on size but what a guy does with it.

As a post script you might wish to note - Male Homo Sapiens have the largest penis of all primates. It would seem some men are never satisfied. Nevertheless, many men will no doubt still wish for a larger penis!"

So come on girls, let us blokes in on your thoughts!

Micro Penis

There is a medical condition called Micro Penis that affects about 0.6% of the population. The definition of Micro penis - (a very small penis) is a penis that is 2.5 standard deviations below the mean (average) for the age and race of the child. This definition translates to a stretched penis length of less than 1.9cm (3/4 inch) long at birth and can be described as a Micro penis. Micro penis, also known as microphallus.

A lot of the penis photos that you see tend to be of the larger variety. People with smaller penises tend not to be so willing to show them off.

If you do have a small penis, you probably think that you are the only person like it. I suspect not! Why not send me a photograph and I'll start a micro penis gallery. Then you will see that you are not alone! I will not ridicule you - honest!





Penis Enlargement

I never cease to be amazed by just how many people try to sell penis enlargement techniques, but I've never heard anybody tell me that that they actually work. May be if you had spent lots of money on a technique and it did not work, then you would not want to broadcast the matter!

I have found a great website by 'Mayo Clinic staff' who have researched the matter. The introduction to their research is given below, and the whole webpage is here. I hope that you find it interesting. If you have had success enlarging your penis, please let me know as I'm sure others would be interested

Penis-enlargement products: Do they work?

Tempted by products that claim to increase penis size? Get the facts about what to expect from male-enhancement pills, pumps, exercises and surgeries.

Penis-enlargement products and procedures aren't difficult to find. Men's magazines, radio shows and the Internet are full of ads for pumps, pills, weights, exercises and even surgeries that claim to increase the length and width of your penis.

However, there's very little scientific support for any nonsurgical methods to enlarge the penis. And no reputable medical organization endorses penis surgery for purely cosmetic reasons. Most of the techniques you see advertised are ineffective, and some can damage your penis. So think twice before trying any of them.

I found this video which may be is aimed at penis stretching.

This is me trying out out. I've no idea if it works, but it is good fun trying!

This is the video:

   or if this does not work, try this one-->>  

Can you do better? If so send me your video!

Soft to Erect Change in Size Survey

One of the regular readers to my webpage suggested that many people were just not aware of the differences in size between a penis when it is soft and when it is erect. For example, some small ones (when soft) more than double in size when erect, where as some larger ones only grow by an inch or so. Its relatively easy to search the internet to find photos of soft penises and photos of erect penises, but they are never the same penis so it is virtually impossible to get an indication of how the average penis changes between its soft and erect states. So I undertook some research on the subject, which will be unique on the internet (I think), with the help of readers of my webpage. The survey shows photos of the same penis, both soft and erect (taken from a similar angle).



The gallery of survey photos submitted by readers confirms the suspicion that the bigger they are when soft means then the bigger they are when erect. Feel free to submit your photos to join the gallery and survey.

It is intended to be informative and educational and not pornographic.

In early May 2002 there were 25 pairs of survey results, and this is my attempt to analyse the results so far. I've categorised the sizes when soft and erect into 3 groups, short, medium and long. My definition of these sizes is purely subjective, using my own penis as a guide taking it to be both medium when soft and erect. Anything noticeably shorter than my penis got classified as short, and anything noticeably long than my penis got classified as large.


On non-survey specifics, 56% were circumcised and 44% were un-cut. Only 4% were shaved.



 When Soft



 When Erect




When soft, while most penises are medium, and an equal number (28%) are both small and large.
When erect most penises are about the same size (ie, medium), suggesting that the small ones when soft become medium when erect. A more detailled analysis is given below.

   Short when erect  Medium when erect  Large when erect
Short when soft becomes:



Medium when soft becomes:



Large when soft becomes:




Assuming that erect size is the dimension that mainly occupies the imagination, then short ones when soft make up for it when erect as they all become medium. Most medium ones when soft stay medium; and that most long ones when soft become medium when erect. Although saying all that, some 20% of penises are large when erect.

That's my interpretation of the results, but feel free to cast your own opinion on the subject.

It there a link between large penis size and erectile problems?

One of my webpage readers has a theory:

His reasons for believing there is a relationship between penis size and erectile problems are as follows (in his words):

I have a seven and a half inch penis (not huge) and have had problems for years (I'm 47 now).
My previous doctor (who is gay) said I had a large penis, and that men with large penises have more erection problems.
It seems reasonable that since more blood is required, circulation must be better.
Society would not like to admit this as "Bigger must be Better", and well endowed men would not like to admit they have problems. I do believe this would be a great consolation to "smaller" men.


Another observation comes from a nudist couple where the wife has lots of experience of intercourse with a wide variety of penises, long short and medium in size. These are there their thoughts:

"Hi Peter,
Regards your question about men with larger penises having more erection problems, my answer for that is definitely yes. So how do I know? Well I too have been in the nudist scene for years, and I know there are some nudists who don't like the "pure" nudist life associated with anything sexual, and I respect that, and wouldn't push my own views onto other people who believe that, but I do however believe you can be both a genuine nudist and also of a personality that enjoys adding a touch of sexually adventurous games to their life with the right company and a partner with similar interest.

Having said all that, and living through the sixties and seventies I wasn't sheltered from the occasional wife swap or other naughty game. As my interest in nudism grew, even though I still considered myself primarily straight I did become very interested in the male form, and quite enjoyed looking at other guy's masculinity, and with the right company I preferred  having male / male /female (MMF) threesomes with my wife, who also enjoyed them very much. I was not interested in having a 'gay' relationship and did not like anything to do with anal sex, but I was not an  insecure person either,  and had a very solid relationship with my wife, and found watching her being penetrated by other males very sexually exciting. I might add the older nudist clubs were excellent venues for that, and providing you were discrete, there was never ending line of nudist gentlemen ready and eager to help out. The other huge advantage of the nudist clubs were that you got to know the folk very well long before any committing to anything, and as such health risks were virtually nil and I watched every tailing on my good lady conducted unsheathed. While some may possibly find that gross, (I hope you don't) I believe the penis being allowed full sensual contact and free to ejaculate unconstrained is a very erotic part of these adventures.

So Getting back to your question, over the years I have watched a lot of other men having sex with my wife, and I guarantee just about every guy that had trouble getting it up were guys with large penises. I should emphasise the main issues were with guys with fairly long penises, the guys that really seemed to perform well straight out of the starting gate often had thicker  penises of short to medium length (I'm talking 6 inches and under). I also should add according to my good lady, if they also happened to have a  large knob with a high coronal ridge, it tended to keep more stimulation around the G spot, as compared to the longer penis that tended to 'overshoot" the mark.

With out rabbiting on for too long, I have a lot of interesting stories (if you like that sort of thing) and quite a few photos. Unfortunately I know you like faces in your photos, but with respect for the other folk in them, I would only be prepared to pass on cropped or erased face photos.

Cheers for now, and send me a return Email if you would like to


Please let
me know what you think.

Ball Size

Men do tend to get carried away with penis size, but how about ball (or scrotum) size. Can you beat these?


How the Penis and all its bits work

In simple terms there is the shaft and the head and if you are uncircumcised then you also have a foreskin. Circumcision is the surgical removal of the foreskin. I do get questions asked about how the foreskin works, what it does, what functions it performs and the 'pros and cons' of Circumcision. Most of the questions come from circumcised men, but I also get a few from uncircumcised (intact) men asking 'what is normal', I even get a few queries from both men and women who are trying to educate their youngsters about how it all works and (in the case of girls), what to expect when they actually come across one for 'real'. You can't rerally discuss the foreskin without ra

In this section of the webpage I've tried to illustrate how it all works, together with the names of some of the bits. As with my erection size survey, this section is intended to be informative and educational and not pornographic. I do not claim to be a medical expert, so I've really no idea what is normal, but hopefully it will give you some guidelines.

Being a person who is not circumcised, it has always fascinated me why some men are circumcised, and how it is actually done, so this section also attempts to show the process involved and illustrates the bits that are removed.

This is a technical diagram of all the bits:

If you have a foreskin then you should be able to retract it back over the glans. It is important that this functions properly as it is necessary as you need to be able to retract the foreskin to keep it clean. At first it many be a bit reluctant, but the foreskin is very flexible and stretches quite easily.


Foreskin Gallery

For those of you with a foreskin and want to show them off, you can add your photos to the Foreskin Gallery, Just submit 4 photos, two soft - one with the foreskin forward and the other with the foreskin back, and two erect - one with the foreskin forward (if you can) and the other with the foreskin back.




From the email correspondence that I get through this webpage, its clear that different parts of the world have varying attitudes the the subject. Its well known that all Jewish men are circumcised for religious reasons (what ever they are!). It has become evident to me over that past few years that in USA the majority of men are circumcised. Although there are many Jewish people in USA, religion is clearly not the only reason for the high proportion of circumcisions.

In many parts of the world, circumcision is performed just after birth, consequently the owner of the foreskin has no say in the matter. There is a group who object to this meaningless amputation, and although having suffered the 'cut', they long to have their foreskin renewed. There are techniques that will enable its renewal, but obviously you can never replace all the nerve endings that are removed. One of my webpage readers has provided lots lot relevant links on the subject which can be found here. Information in the links gives some interesting reasons why circumcision was carried out, one of which was to prevent masturbation. What a shocking thought! I can imagine masturbation not being as 'smooth' with the foreskin removed, but it is difficult to imagine that it would actually put people off the idea.

The American webpage is an excellent guide to circumcision, how it is done, how much skin is removed and the resulting different circumcision styles. I've taken extracts from the page, but this one illustrates just how much skin is removed for each of the styles. It also shows the effect on reducing penis length that the really tight styles have.

As far as I can work out, a cut is made through the outer skin around the penis shaft about half way along its length. Another cut is made through the skin around the penis just behind where the foreskin attaches to the penis head. This leaves about 5 cm of skin that previously formed the outer and inner parts of the foreskin which wrapped over the penis head, which is discarded. The piece of skin on the shaft of the penis is then stitched to the piece of skin just behind the penis head, which normally leaves a 'circumcision scar'. In simple terms, about a 5cm 'tube' of skin that is the bit of the foreskin covering the head of the penis is removed and the two ends are stitched back together.

Depending on where the various cuts are made, and how much skin is discarded, determines the appearance of the circumcised penis. They range from loose to tight, with varying scar locations, as shown below:



 My favourite 'uncut' version

 A loose cut with not much skin removed

 A tighter cut showing the 'join' scar

 A neat tight cut

This next section I attempt to demonstrate the bits of a penis and with the help of a red felt tip pen, gives some idea what is removed during circumcision:

This is the starting point. Soft and intact.
I've marked on the circumcision cut line and the location of the ridged band.
Left to dangle, this is what it looks like (don't worry, the lines really are just from the felt tip pen and not a scaple!)
The foreskin starts to be slid back.
Here the foreskin is almost clear of the glands.
With the foreskin clear of he glands, the cut line is now at the base of the penis.
The inner layer of the foreskin is just starting to become exposed.
Here the foreskin is pulled about as far back as it will go.
Although there is slack on the upper surface, the lower surface is prevented from going any back due to the frenulum.
With the foreskin pulled back really tight, the strain the the frenulum actualy rotates the head downwards. The skin between the thumb and the glands is the 'internal' part of the foreskin.
The strain on the frenulum can be seen here as the foreskin is is pulled back.
Here the cut line is stretched forward to meet the circumcision 'join' line. Notice how it pulls the scrotum forward.
Left to its own devices, this is where the cut and ridged band lines finish up. Even like this, there is still considerable strain on the frenulum, which tries to pull the foreskin back over the glands the moment the glands reduce in size. With a length of about 4 in and a girth of about 6 in, that about 24 in sq of skin removed!
This shows the view from underneath. The raphe is actually a 'seam' that runs from the frenulum to the anus. The shiny appearence of the mucosa quickly dulls as it drys out and after time takes on the appearence of a circumcised penis, i.e. slightly wrinkled. Fortunately is reverts back to its glossy look once recovered.

This is another good webpage that describes the foreskin and all its bits and functions.

Clearly circumcision is very popular in America, and viewed by some as a fashion accessory. Hovever its not all doom and gloom as there are organisations in America committed to securing the birthright of male and female children and babies to keep their sexual organs intact.

Circumcision 'Pros & Cons'

Although I get the impression that most American's are in favour of circumcision, there are however Americans who hold completely different views and think that the generally held view in America is blatantly a form of genital mutilation (just as female circumcision or cutting is) and should be outlawed. While the first American webpage promotes circumcision, another excellent webpage give the opposite view, giving lots of reasons why the penis should be kept intact and 'uncut'.

Most circumcisions are done shortly after birth, some quite mature men decide to have the 'cut' purely for fashion reasons. Some men who have a 'loose' circumcision actually have it re-done to make it tighter!

In my own personal opinion, I can't think of any other part of the body that is modified so dramatically. If it's done for health or religious grounds, then fair enough. But having it done for any other reasons strikes me as not far short of barbaric. If a responsible adult male decides to have his foreskin removed, then that is his decision, but to have someone else decide that it should be removed, albeit a parent, to me is wrong.

Health reasons are frequently quoted as a reason for circumcision, but surely if the head of the penis is kept clean, then there should not be a problem. After all, its no different to various other parts of the body, and if cleaned in a bath or shower, then I would not have thought that hygiene is a problem. I'm not a medical person, but just follow common sense!

Personally I'm very attached to my foreskin, and can think of no advantages of having it removed. If its removal was a straight forward matter, then fair enough, but its removal must be extremely painful. To inflict such pain on to a small boy, and to consequently rob him of such delights during his adult life, can't be right!

First Hand Exerience of Circumcision

I'm always interested to try and understand the other person's opinion, particularly when it comes to circumcision. During the 'soft to erect' survey it became apparent that one of the contributors had sets of photos before and after his circumcision. So I could not resist the temptation to quiz him on why he had it done, and what he perceived the benefits to be. The person involved was Jez, who is in the survey at numbers 35A and 35B (with and without foreskin). He is quite happy to let me tell you about our conversation, in the chance that it might help might make the decision for anybody who is tempted to 'go for the cut'.




Q So why did you decide to get yourself circumcised?

A The grounds for recommending circumcision were no more than their very strong personal preference for it, as a sort of male initiation rite. I wasn't bullied in to it but as I was interested in getting it done for my own reasons. My friends helped me make the decision, their persuasion made it a certainty that I would go ahead with the operation.

For me a cut penis is a clean penis by ensuring the glands as permanently exposed to the air. This was the foremost reason for my circumcision. However there are other reasons which I considered. It is sometimes described as the ultimate sacrifice to achieve complete male nudity. However I didn't do it for that reason. There is a powerful lobby amongst nudists for men to be circumcised for aesthetic reasons. I wouldn't disagree with that, a circumcised penis does look better in my opinion. The appearance of an adult male penis takes on a special significance in a nudist environment in that it will be seen by every man woman or child who cares to look, sometimes in close proximity, and that is reason enough for ensuring it looks clean and tidy.

Q How did you get it done. Was any preparation or pre-examination required?

A As for how the circumcision came about, a nudist pal of mine was circed and proud of it. He was going on about it being clean and healthy, every man should have it done. He talked me into visiting a 'special' doctor with him. Although it wasn't strictly necessary from the medical point of view the doc strongly recommended it.

During the examination, I had to masturbate so the doc could judge better how much foreskin to remove. (Apparently some guys can't face doing that, but luckily it was easy for me). To enable the doc to judge just how much foreskin to remove, he actually masturbated me as part of his manual examination. He asked me how I normally masturbated so as he could copy my technique if necessary. He must have been good at it because I was fully erect quickly. He complimented me on the size of my erection, flattery no doubt dispensed to all his patients. The doc explained he needed to continue manipulating it to reach the point when the penis is at its hardest and the skin stretched the tightest, the best time to make a judgement on how much foreskin to cut away. He knew there was a risk of 'an accident' because he asked me to warn him as soon as I knew it was inevitable that I would ejaculate!

Q So did the doc just do the circumcision there and then?

A I had to return to the surgery a couple of days later after the initial examination for the operation itself. There was lots of anaesthetic (local), there was some pain despite that, and the cauterisation of the veins to stem the bleeding. But that goes for any operation, which took altogether a lot longer than just the cutting of the foreskin, however dramatically triumphant that particular point was in proceedings.

Q So what are the benefits?

A The main benefits are that the penis is clean, dry and doesn't smell. In recent years it didn't matter how often I washed under the foreskin (not difficult I agree) it stank again in a couple of hours. No remedies worked. It also looks better. After the operation it was sore for about 4 weeks. Full intercourse is not recommended for 8 weeks. Masturbation was not recommended for 3 to 4 weeks. It may seem strange, it did to me, but one of the side effects of the healing is a succession of night time erections (so hard they woke me up) despite the wound being held together with stitches and wrapped in bandages (maybe because of the bandages) and really sore. After a week of erections like that I felt desperate to masturbate but it was much too sore. I had to wait three weeks. You can imagine the relief and volume that pumped out. If I had been a younger man I guess I would have had a wet dream. I wish I had, it would have released the pressure I felt.

Another benefit of circumcision is dry masturbation. Masturbation is important to me, more than intercourse, which frankly I don't often get the chance to enjoy. It's only dry till the precum starts to ooze but until then the friction pumping the fist lightly over the erect glands and shaft feels fantastic. This was a totally unexpected pleasure.

I wouldn't try to persuade you to get circumcised, you are either interested or you are not. I don't think you would regret it if you decided to have it done.

As I've said before, I'm firmly attached to my foreskin and could not imagine life without it. But if you are tempted to have your one removed and want some first hand experience, then contact Jez.

For lots more before and after circumcision photos, follow this link.







More First Hand Circumcision Stories

Several men have been in contact with me who for medical reasons have had to be circumcised. Read thier stories here

Forced Circumcision

While we are on the subject of people who chose to be circumcised, there are those who sometimes have no choice, as described in the story below from one of my readers:

"When I was 7 years old my parents decided to emigrate from the Netherlands to Canada. As part of the immigration process we naturally underwent extensive health checks. All was fine but the Canadian officials were disturbed by the uncircumcised condition of the three male members of my family. Since my father and brother were already "too old" they were reluctantly passed, I however was not.

The officials-one was allegedly a doctor-convinced my parents that I had to be "cut". My parents did not like the idea much but were assured by the doctor that; and I quote here, "boys do not have any sense of feeling in the penis untill they are much older". Then this fellow went on to add, "He won't even notice the cutting so a local anaesthetic was not necessary".

I still recall that day vividly, 48 years later. I disagreed so loudly and violently with the doctor's incorrect theory on the insensitivity of my penis that he was not able to get much further than the initial cut. Apparently I made so much noise I cleared out all the other patients in the waiting room outside that day. I am very glad I kicked up such a fuss for I too am very attached to the skin of my toy.

The other subject you covered; "masturbation" was equally perceptive. I too am a nudist and thoroughly enjoy regularly fondling my penis. I keep myself hard and on the brink whenever the mood suits me, and it suits me whenever I have my hands free. It's a great joy to feel your manhood respond to your thoughts and touch and I highly recommend it to all men. Thanks for reading this, and if you wish to post it you may do so."

Circumcision Social Pressures

What about the situation were you are un-circumcised but live in a society where everybody is circumcised. Not only are you aware that you are different, but the opposite sex also thinks that you are a bit strange because you have a foreskin. Read about what it is like:

"I got interested in your page several years ago, particularly the info about forskins.  I grew up in Canada where every male child is circumcised.  I discovered this at the local swimming pool change rooms.  This caused me to suffer from quite upsetting body dysmorphia.  It interfered with my developing relationships with girls and I didn't have sex until finishing two university degrees.  My first girlfriend was an older woman and she was intrigued by my penis.  Never seen one like mine.  It really screwed my head and I went through a short marriage and divorce then remained celibate until I was about 32 and had moved to the UK.

Then we decided to move to an Islamic country where public nudity is illegal.  That again freaked me out after having married again at age 42 and getting used to being somewhere I did not consider myself a freak.  I felt I had to deal with this as I often considered having a circumcision so I looked into the whole issue.  I was contemplating the operation here because every man is circumcised but your page helped.  I got so desparate that I cut away part of my frenula and considered doing a self-circumcision.   Through much training I have managed to make my forskin remain retracted.

I am now feeling much better with the help of sites like yours and others where I began exhibiting myself several years ago.  I managed to garner over 700 followers on one site before moving on to another smaller site.  

I now realize that I much prefer being uncut because it allows for a much better sexual experience without lubricant.  It seems I am unusual in the frequency and duration of masturbation.  Many men I have got to know envy me!  What a change.  It's such a shame there is such a poor attitude towards nudity and particularly male nudity and all that goes with it.  I've had a life of agony over this issue which was totally unnecessary because of this very strange need in places like the USA to engage in MGM at birth.  

I do wonder whether my experience is unique.

Best wishes


The Foreskin during Intercourse

The movement of the foreskin is unique. As it becomes erect, the penile shaft becomes thicker and longer. The double-layered foreskin provides the skin necessary to accommodate the expanded organ and to allow the penile skin to glide freely, smoothly, and pleasurably over the shaft and glans. One of the foreskin's functions is to facilitate a smooth and gentle movement between the mucosal surfaces of the two partners during intercourse and the foreskin's "gliding action" which is the hallmark mechanical feature of the intact penis provides a non-abrasively smooth motion of the penis inside its own sheath of self-lubricating, movable skin between the mucosal surfaces of the vagina or anus facilitating smooth, comfortable, pleasurable intercourse for both partners…thus the 'roll' of the foreskin is its main salient feature in sexual intercourse.


The foreskin enables the penis to slip in and out of the vagina, anus or mouth non-abrasively inside its own slick sheath of self-lubricating, movable skin. The partner is thus stimulated by moving pressure rather than by friction only, as when the male's foreskin is missing, as the shaft of the circumcised penis functions as a leaky piston, drawing vaginal lubricants out into the drying air and often requiring other lubricants such as spit or artificial lubes essential for comfortable intercourse. The sexual experience is enhanced when the foreskin slips back on the in-stroke to allow the male's 'internal' organ, the glans, to meet the female's internal organ, the cervix (or prostate in the case of homosexual anal intercourse). On the in-stroke of intercourse, considered from the point of view of its stationary outer layer, the inner layer rolls outward and applies itself to the vagina / rectum. The ridged band engages with the internal ridges of the vagina / rectum. On the out-stroke, that movement reverses. Depending on the various dimensions and techniques used, there is considerable variation from that basic pattern and the two sets of ridges may then rub over each other like clothes on an old-fashioned washboard. That might be uncomfortable for women if the foreskin were dry like the circumcised penis.

Instead, the effect is pleasurable. The foreskin fosters intimacy between the two partners by enveloping the glans and maintaining it as an internal organ. Thus a circumcised penis without a foreskin will need more friction and stimulation to achieve orgasm and the female or male partner will be penetrated more forcefully either harder or faster or both. It is in the interests of the men and women who are penetrated orally, vaginally and anally to be aware that a circumcised penis will require more stimulation through increased vigorous pounding and pummelling for sensations, whereas an intact penis will generally glide and slide seamlessly with the foreskin retreating in on itself on the outward motion and retracting to expose the glans on the inward motion. A less forceful thrusting is more likely not to make sex an ordeal than it can otherwise be for some people. If a relatively tight foreskin is retracted, its tendency will be to remain retracted and its likely that intercourse will be with a retracted foreskin, which is the appropriate function of that particular foreskin.

This is a brilliant website that discusses lots of foreskin issues.

Us blokes are either circumcised or uncircumcised and I suspect that we all know what we prefer, but it is the girls on the other end of the penis that have to be the best judge as to which type gives the best experience. I suspect that many will say that it is not the penis itself that affects the experience, but the man behind it!

So come on grirls, if you have experience of both circumcised and uncircumcsied penises, do drop me an email and let us know what you think!

Foreskin Restoration

Foreskin restoration to some degree is possible without surgury. Peter Ball is a doctor who specialises in the penis and is a keen fan of foreskin restoration. He was circumcised at birth, but he (and many others) have managed to create a new foreskin by stretching the remaining skin on the shaft of the penis, to create a new foreskin.

 Peter's new foreskin

 and with the foreskin retracted

So if you regret being circumcised, don't dispaire, contact Peter who will be happy to help you restore your foreskin. Has has written an excellent webpage describing all aspects of the foreskin, including how to create a new one should you have lost your original one! Talking to Peter about his new foreskin, and comparing it with my foreskin, it obviously does not sound quite as good as the real thing. But then it can never be as good due to the large number of nerve endings that were also cut off, but it sounds like the next best thing! One part of his webpage that I found of particular interest are comments by men who have been circumcised at a mature age. Their comparisons of the sensitivity of the glands, before and after circumcision suggest that the removal of the foreskin and the resulting harding of the glands, does de-sensitise the business end of the penis.

Lesser Known bit of the Penis

The webpage in favour of leaving the foreskin in tact is equally informative and contains some excellent graphics illustrating 'how it all works'. Its an excellent page and well worth a read.

Another website is undertaking some research into the subject of the ridge band which is a line of nerve endings which lie just under the foreskin. Theses are the ones that create a 'good' feeling in most 'intact' men when the foreskin is slid back over an erect penis. If you have a foreskin then have a look at the website and join in the questionnaire and see if you agree with the findings. If comes complete with photos which illustrates the point. If you are circumcised, then have a look and see what you are missing! One of the researchers is Peter Ball from UK, who is looking for 'intact' men to help him with his research. If you are interested in filling out his more detailed questionnaire, then drop him an email. (Peter appears at the top of Visitors Gallery 11)

Obviously if you are trying to create a foreskin fron scratch, then you need Peter's advice. However, I you already have a foreskin it is quite easy to stretch it to make it larger if you want. I suitable 'tool' is the top of a 'Mum' deoderant bottle. The foreskin can easily be stretched over to container top to achieve some easy and totally painless stretching.

The removal of the foreskin exposes the head of the penis (the glans) which is quite sensitive. Its sensitivity certainly has its advantages during intercourse. By constant exposure of the sensitive glans, they must lose there sensitivity, with consequential associated delights! From discussions with readers of my webpage, when the glans at the head of the penis are constantly exposed it can be quite sore. If exposed for long periods, the glans lose their sensitivity. Surely the most sensible thing to do is to let the foreskin cover the head and glans in 'normal' mode and maintain their sensitivity, but if you want to expose the glans, for example during intercourse, then just slide the foreskin back, or just let the foreskin slide itself back as it enters the vagina. Surely that has to be the best of both worlds!



The Frenulum

The frenulum is a facinating part of the penis. It connects the underneath section of the shaft skin to the glans. It is probably of most interest to uncircumcised people, but even during circumcision the frenulum is not necessarily removed.

The frenulum and the associated tissue delta on the underside of the penis below the corona has been described in sexuality textbooks as “very reactive” and “particularly responsive to touch that is light and soft.” Not everybody is the same, my frenulum is not sensitive at all, but there are others who can get an orgasm, just by playing with their frenulum. Gavin is one such person, who demonstrates his sensitive frenulum in this video:

With an umcircumcised penis, the removal of the frenulum can produce some facinating effects as it allows the foreskin to be slid back down much of the penis shaft, as demonstrated in these videos:



As the fremulum is packed with so many sensitive nerve endings, many feel that the removal of the frenulum is not a wise thing to do as it is likely to reduce the sensitivity of the penis during intercourse etc. The frenulum can be removed during circumcision, but if you have a choice, have it left intact!

With the uncircumcised penis, if the frenulum is short or tight when the foreskin is retracted then it can make it difficult to fully retract the foreskin, or it can pull the head of the penis in a downward direction. In extream cases this is known as a Frenulum Breve.

This condition can be 'fixed' by stretching, or by doing something called a 'frenuloplasty', which basically cuts the web of the frenulum. This frees the shaft skin from its attachment with the glans and allows the head of the penis to be in alignment with the shaft. This means that the foreskin can be retracted completely clear of the glans. with the removal of the frenuulum there is no constant tug trying to pull the foreskin back over the glans so it is much easier for the glans to remain uncovered.




As I've said above, I'm no expert on circumcision, but during circumcision, the frenulum is not necessarily removed. If the frenulum is left in-tact, to a certain degree, it still attaches the shaft skin to the glans. In some cases circumcised men go back and and have the frenulum removed completely. This obviuosly releases the tension in the shaft skin and allows the penis to lengthen even more during erections.

 Circumcised with a frenulum


 Circumcised without a frenulum

Apparently the removal of the frenulum is an easy process and can either be done by a doctor or by yourself. If using a doctor then the frenulum will be cut under anesthetic and the ends stitched up. This is described in the website Male Initiation and the Phimosis Taboos.

Another website describes how you might do it yourself using a process called 'Frenulum Tying'. In this process a needle passes some strong thread through the back of the Frenulum. This thread is tied off very tightly, so constricting blood flow. Apparently it is not as apinful as it looks! After several days the thread drops off, taking with it some dead fremulum. Apparently this might take several goes as more and more frenulum is teased away.

The photo below shows how progress was made. Initially points 2 and 3 were connected, but then with more frenulum tying, it was possible to separate points 1 and 4.

This photo also illustrates the impact of releasing more and more frenulum

Or just cut it off with a pair of sissors


I'm not sure if I fancy having my frenulum trimmed, but then may be I'm fortunate in having a generous frenulum, although I suspect that years of masturbation and retracting my foreskin, may well have made it longer! However, the idea of having a foreskin that is not attached to the glans and that slides back the penis shaft without resistance is attractive!

One of my readers had the surgery about seven years ago to remove his frenulum. He had always had a very tight frenulum and after having torn it slightly during sex and decided enough was enough. The NHS did the honours and provided rather a neat job.

He says "I should have done it a long time ago. Sex is so much better as is masturbation. I think it looks great too! I kept my foreskin simply because I like it and it keeps me clean. I would without hesitation recommend having the frenulum removed." The results of the surgery can be seen

Just out of curiosity I'm starting a Frenulum Gallery for anybody who wants to submit a photo.

I'm interested in photos showing people both with and without a frenulum, circumcised and uncircumcised. I've had a go a producing a suitable photo -->>

It is probably best taken laying on your back and erect if possible. I do not want your name, but it would be interesting to know where you come from. Also:

If you are uncircumcised and do not have a frenulum, it would be interesting to find out why you do not have one.
If you are circumcised, it would be interesting to know when you were circumcised and the reason.
If you are circumcised and do not have a frenulum, it would be interesting to know if you were aware that you did not have one.

My Frenulum

My frenulum is totally unresponsive to any stimulation. No matter how much I play with it, there is no response. However if I massage it with an electric toothbrush, the results are impressive - have a look at the video. I'm not sure just how much that is due to the freumulm being massaged, or whether my penis just picks up the vibrations and enjoys it!

I must admit that when playing with the toothbrush, I was amazed at the fantastic feeling that it created in my penis. I cum very easily, so it did not come as a surprise that I came so easily, but again was surprised by the intensity of the ejaculation and the amount of cum produced.

If you do not have an electric toothbrush, go and but one!! The also do a great job at cleaning your teeth!


Hypospadias is one of the most common congenital anomalies, occurring in approximately 1 in 250 newborns, or roughly 1 in 125 live male births. Hypospadias can be defined as a non-normal development of the urethra, foreskin, and head of the penis. This results in a wide range of abnormalities; the urethral opening can be anywhere along the ventral shaft of the penis, within the scrotum, or even in the perineum.


This appears to be a subcoronal one

One of the readers (John) of my webpage suffers from hypospadias, this is his story:

"Until the invention of the Internet I thought that all guys cocks were like mine - my brother and I explored each other as we were growing up  and knew ours were different - he had a long. foreskin - mine was quite short - his cumslit was at the top - mine was at the side - even as a teenager in the showers at school - cocks were usually flaccid and you couldn’t see because there’s were at the end - pointing to the floor and mine was behind the head... in my early 50s I had a scare when on a walking holiday with my wife one testicle got rather swollen so visited the doctor - he remarked on my hypospadias - I agreed not knowing what he was talking about!

I’m glad mine comes out where it does - some of the pictures I’ve seen look quite worrying..."

Fortunately everyting is in working order, the only slight difference is that when I cum - because of the size of the slit - I don’t shoot - I sort of, ooooooze!


The sensitive nature of the glans does mean that if exposed for shortish periods, then it can feel quite nice. The awareness of this sensitivity does increase the excitment of an erection, both from a point of view of intensity and duration. If you look at many of my photos in the various parts of my webpage you will see my penis with both its head covered and exposed. One additional thing that is obvious is that without the forekin cover, the glans are allowed to expand slightly and the end of the penis takes on greater form, as you can see in the above two photos. Consequently exposing the glans not only feels good but also looks good.

My foreskin slides over the glans quite easily, even when erect. However I have created a device (which I call a Maxiglan, or Maxi for short), which anchors the foreskin behind the glans. It is basically a plastic ring, which slides over the head of the penis and sits behind the glans. It is hardly visible and not only does it prevent the foreskin from moving forward, the slight pressure exerted on the shaft of the penis, further accentuates the size of the head and the glans.

Subsequently, one of the readers of my webpage has come up with an alternative method of producing the same effect using Sellotape.

Penis with glans exposed

Penis with glans exposed wearing a Maxiglan (Plastic ring)

 Penis with glans exposed wearing a Maxiglan (Using Sellotape)

At first glance there is not too much difference betwen the penis with and without the Maxiglan, but on closer inspection, the shaft of the penis behind the glans is slightly constricted, accentuating the glans.

To find out more about how to make one and what it looks like, have a look at my Maxiglan webpage.

The Ageing Process

What happens to the penis and its plumbing bits as age creeps up on you?

This is a new section and I would welcome contributions. The subject was raised by Iain who has a set of photos taken at the age of 25 and is intending to compare them with an equivalent set taken at the age of 60. The obvious comparison is the quality of the erection, but any other observations would be welcome. Your comments and preferably photos would be most welcome.

I have been in contact with a university researcher who is undertaking a project investigating age related topics including how (or if) sexuality changes with age and whether society discriminates against older people when it comes to nudity and sexual relationships. Personally, as I have grown older I have adopted the attitude that I really could not care less what others think (as long as I've not offended them), and that as a result I have become more 'free thinking' and tolerant when it comes to the naked body. But there are parts of the media that think that anybody over the age of 30 should keep themselves covered up.

If you would lke to air your views on the subject, the either write a piece for the 'Ageing Process' of my webpage, or contact Jonathan and help him with his research.


My webpage does not discuss the subject very much, as it is just something that I take for granted. Although, saying that, I'm not sure if I know the real definition of the word. My dictionary describes it as 'to stimulate the genital organs of (oneself or another) to achieve sexual pleasure'. Can you get sexual pleasure without having an orgasm? I can only speak from a personal viewpoint, but I certainly get can get pleasure from 'playing' with my penis when it is erect. Obviously, when you 'come', the pleasure is at its maximum. I therefore think that my definition of the word is 'any stimulation that produces pleasure, but does not have to include an orgasm'. Consequently, taking it to extremes, my definition of masturbation also includes stimulation of other parts of the body (eg, the nipples) that can produce an erection and the associated pleasures.

Being nude for much of my life, my penis is always there, conveniently positioned at arms length. It can be ignored, but its is more fun to keep it involved, whether it is being lightly stroked just to keep it interested, or whether something more boisterous is involved. I can't help but feel that my awareness of the delights of being naked was linked to puberty. The processes involved during puberty result in changes to the male body that replaces a urinary tube with a 'fun play thing', which is at its best when unencumbered by clothes. As the male body moves through puberty and into adulthood, the 'fun play thing' becomes the 'ultimate Play Station', whether it is being used to provide the joys of masturbation or the ultimate delight of sexual intercourse. I could attempt to describe the processes and feelings involved, but I suspect that if I did, then my webpage would dramatically increase in length. In any case the whole subject is comprehensively researched in the Jackinworld website which is well worth a read. It is one of those websites were you think that you know all about the subject matter, but come away thinking, 'well I never knew that!'. Another interesting site is Solotouch.

As I mention above, masturbation is something that I take very much for granted, whether just playing with my penis in a non-soft state, or when taken all the way to orgasm. Fortunately, the experience and delight does not appear to diminish with age, but it is not a life long thing as it only starts at puberty. All sorts of things change during puberty, increase in penis size is one of the more obvious external signs, but its ability to be 'rubbed' with resulting erection, orgasm, and ejaculation of sperm, is not so obvious. Can you discover it on your own? If you do, then I suspect that the whole process must be a bit scary! More likely, I suspect is that process of masturbation gets past on by word of mouth. That was certainly the situation in my case.

"My first memories of anything related to nudity etc was at about the age of 10. My parents and I lived next door to my friend John. Being friendly with his parents, every Saturday evening they would go the pub together and leave John and myself to amuse ourselves. One Saturday evening we decided to play 'doctors'. I do not remember exactly how it started, but we finished up both nude and in bed together exploring various bits of our bodies. John was a year of so older than me and I get the impression that he had just discovered the delights of masturbation, and I remember him demonstrating how it all worked to me. He wanked, got erect and after a while he came and produced some sperm. Even at that tender age, I was obviously keen on experimentation, so did not take much persuading for me to try. It got erect very easily and after a while it came, but did not produce any sperm. I remember it being great fun, but prior to that, I do not even remember being aware that my penis was able to get erect, let alone anything else that it might be able to get up to. The following Saturday we were left to our own devices again and it probably comes as a great surprise that we played 'doctors' again and masturbation was on the prescription. Again John wanked, and came. When I tried, not only did I come, but I managed to produce some sperm, not a lot, only about half a teaspoonful, but it was a start. Our 'doctors' play sessions had introduced me to the pleasures of being nude and the delights of masturbation."

How did you discover masturbation? If you care to tell me, then I'll put your story on my 'How did you discover masturbation' webpage, so that you can share it with others. It can be anonymous or with an email link if you want. It would be useful to know if you discovered masturbation on your own of with the help of an older friend. If you can remember when you had your first orgasm, it would be great!

You might like to also add whether you have continued to masturbate through your adult life. Whether your partner minds you masturbating. Many of the stories that I have received so far involve older friends or brothers giving a 'helping hand'. It would be interesting to hear from any of those 'helpers' for their take on the situation. By far the majority of boys / men appear to have been introduced to masturbation by another male. It is almost surprising that given the delights introduced by a partner of the same sex, that more men are not gay!!

I can't resist doing a bit analysis, so this is what I've discovered so far:

There is not much of a pattern, other than orgasms can start as early as 10 years old, but 13 is when most had their first orgasm. The 'youngsters' appear to have been given a 'helping hand', more than 12 to 15 year olds.

Although there can not be any subsistute for the real thing, there is a device on the market called 'Fleshlight', which some people rate as giving better orgasms than using your hand and some say is comparable with actual intercourse. I find it difficult to believe, but if you have tried one, please let me know about your experiences. Have a look at my 'Fleshlight' webpage for more details.

Ever tried a Tenga device? Its Japanese and looks like a smaller version of the Fleshlight. I've not tried it, but I do have a report from a 'user', which I've added to the Fleshlight webpage. If you try it out, let me know how you get on.

Feel free to let me know if you disagree with my opinions, I'm always willing to hear the 'other side of the coin'.

An orgasm a day could keep prostate cancer away, scientists claim

The British media always like to have a health story not too far away in their coverage of anything! However, this story caught my attention, so I thought that I would share it with you. (It comes from the Daily Telegraph on 29th Dec 15)

"Study finds participants who ejaculated more than 21 times a month were at a 22 percent lower risk of getting the disease "

"Men having one orgasm a day could significantly reduce a man's chance of developing prostate cancer, according to new research.
Researchers claim that while an orgasm provides pleasure during sex, there is a hidden benefit.
Once a day will reduce the risk of prostate cancer by nearly a quarter.
It also provides a number of health benefits such as a boost in immunity, better sleep, and can even protect against heart disease.
Doctors say that sex itself is not required, just an orgasm.
What they found was that if a male ejaculates at least once a day, the likelihood of developing prostate cancer are very low.
The study data showed that the participants who ejaculated more than 21 times a month were at a 22 per cent lower risk of getting the disease. As for how men achieved ejaculation, it is not a requirement to have a sex partner. Whether it be sexual intercourse, nocturnal emission, or masturbation, all are beneficial.
According to Jennifer Rider of Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women's Hospital, while the new data on the potential benefit of orgasm and the reduced risk of developing prostate cancer are so far the most compelling, the data is still just observational and should be taken cautiously.
She said: "At the same time, given the lack of modifiable risk factors for prostate cancer, the results of this study are particularly encouraging."
Prostate cancer is the most common cancer among men other than skin cancer This makes it responsible 8 percent of all new cancer cases, and 15 percent of cancers in men.
About 1 in 7 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during their lifetime. About 6 cases in 10 are diagnosed in men aged 65 or older. The average age at the time of diagnosis is about 66. About 1 in 38 men will die of prostate cancer."

So don't just sit there reading this webpage, quickly find a partner who can help you out in one way or another. Failing that, take it upon yourself to keep you healthy!


Natural Insemination - Sperm Donors

Modern technologies have made it possible for virtually any woman to have a child. In vitro fertilization (IVF) has given couples who previously would not have been able to have a kid the possibility of starting a family. However, many people still choose to get pregnant the old fashioned way. Natural insemination is the formal term for getting pregnant through sexual intercourse.

This is the way that people have been getting pregnant since the beginning of time. It is by far the easiest way to achieve pregnancy.

Traditionally, sperm donor websites help connect single women, lesbian or infertile couples with male donors willing to give sperm samples through artificial insemination. However, more and more women are now turning to online services to set up a time to have sex with their donors because "natural insemination" is believed to be more than three times more effective than artificial insemination.

As a natural insemination donor, you are not only providing your sperm, but providing it by sexual intercourse. However whether you are the sperm donor or the sperm donor recipient, pregnancy and child birth by natural insemination with a stranger does raise a whole raft of questions.


Spontaneous Erections

Erections are normally associated with either sexual arousal or masturbation or both! However males can experience erections without any of the above stimulation. Such erections can just appear "out of nowhere" and are best described as 'Spontaneous erections'.

They are most common in adolescents and young adults, but men of any age can experience such erections. This is entirely normal and may indicate healthy sexual functioning.

Waking up to a random erection is particularly common. This is known as nocturnal penile tumescence. This is sometimes called morning wood. I don't think that anybody really knows what causes them, but may be caused by hormonal changes during the night and / or physical stimulation from contact with the bed sheets.

A healthy male will typically experience 3 to 5 erections while asleep, each lasting 25 to 35 minutes.

A 'sexual' erection is triggered when an individual becomes aroused by thinking about, seeing, or feeling something or someone who is sexually exciting.

Whatever causes the erection, apparently the brain sends signals that widen the arteries connected to the penis, allowing more blood to enter. The veins that usually carry this blood back to the rest of the body shrink. This results in the penis swelling and stiffening, forming an erection.

Socially, such erections can be embarrassing if they happen in public especially if you are nude at the time.

Read my stories and stories from others about the experience.

If you have any interesting stories anout your own spontaneous erections when nude, please feel free to submit them.


The Naked Spiritualist - The Masturbation Altar

Dave is a nudist, chronic masturbator and is into 'naked spirituality'. He is constantly exploring new depths of my practice, and how it's related back to spiritual faith; it's a beautiful journey of self-discovery, as well as using masturbation to peer into the secrets of The Universe!

Dave's thoughts…..

"Regarding spiritual (or "mindful") masturbation: I never need any special justification to masturbate. There are many different intensity levels and ways to do it, I do it several times a day, every day, even without the spiritual component. It's not so much that I masturbate to connect with my faith, but rather, I realized that I can connect with my faith through it....if I want.

I try to make time to explore different spiritual paths and beliefs every day of my life. I discovered, quite by accident, that if you go deep enough into the physical sensations created when masturbating, it can have a mental/emotional effect on the brain and heart: you can enter a special state of meditation. In that state, I was able to see the entire Universe for what it was--a collective consciousness of all the sentient being that inhabit it. The Universe is alive! Our human bodies are composed of 93% of the very same material as stars, suns, and planets; we are literally made of the same cosmic material that created and sustains The Universe! I also believe (and there is scientific evidence) that everything is Energy in some form, and we use that energy in our chakras.

If I'm masturbating at my altar, then it's with the intent to achieve a spiritual connection to my own beliefs, my own spirit or heart, or with the energy of The Universe. I have found so much comfort and understanding in these times. I hope all this makes sense!

Obviously, I will have to set up an altar and create a spiritual space at my parent's house for as long as I'm staying with them. I need a place to display and use all of my crystals!

The "naked spirituality" movement isn't just about the connection between prayer/meditation and masturbation, but also just about being nude when practicing your faith in general.

The intent of practicing simple prayer, meditation, or more elaborate religious rituals in the nude is to demonstrate humility and Human authenticity to one's higher power. Also, when we're nude, we can communicate, send and receive, energy more clearly with our higher power than when clothed. Mindful or spiritual masturbation is just one particular practices in an endless possibility of potential religious practices of one's faith."

Dave has a spiritual beading and supply business, in a virtual “store” on Etsy. He handcrafts everything he posts and sells, always in the nude, and always surrounded by his crystals :) He makes and sells everything from prayer beads, to milk baths, to masturbation oils—-all completely natural! Feel free to take a look at his store; Http://


A curious substance. As far as I can make out, there has not been a lot of research into the substance. After doing some 'googling' on the subject, some medical people actually regard it as a complaint, in which case I have it bad! Some people produce lots and others hardly any. So what is it all about?

Have a look a my pre-cum section.







The Masturbate-A-Thon is an American idea to raise money for charity. On Saturday 5th August Europe’s very first Masturbate-a-thon event took take place in London. Participants asked friends and loved ones to sponsor them for a certain amount of money for every minute they masturbate during the Masturbate-A-Thon, or simply for having the courage to turn up and take part!

It was in aid of global sexual and reproductive health agency Marie Stopes International, and sponsored by ID Lubricants (UK), and also aimsed to act as a public education device to increase the use of self pleasure as a strategy for safer sex. The Masturbate-a-thon seeked to raise awareness of, and dispel the shame and taboos that persist around, this most commonplace, natural and safe form of sexual activity.

The event rased money by sponsoring entrants, with the money rasied being based on the length of time spent masturbating and the number of orgasms achieved. It was open to both men and women. The record prior to the London event was eight hours and thirty minutes. The event was set up with three communal areas; mixed, men only, and women only. there were also screened areas for private masturbators.

Read more about the Masturbate-A-Thon. I could not work out what you win if you beat the record, but if the idea masturbating in pubic appeals to you, and rasing money for charity at the same time, then monitor their website and look out for the next event!

Another Peter has spotted this Channel 4 contribution to You Tube is on the Masturbate-a-thon in London. It is not very informative, but might be worth a look if you have a broadband connection.

The Bum and the Anus

Its name changes depending on where you live. In UK, the word 'bum' is a common term, but in other parts of the world it is more commonly know as the buttocks, butt arse, etc. There are a whole host of words in common use that are linked to the bum, and are inevitably derogatory in some form or another.

Society's reaction to the bum is confused to say the least. It is probably the proximity of the excretory function of the anus that is the root cause of human hostility to the buttocks.

Willfully exposing one's own bare bum can be used as a protest, a provocation or for fun is called mooning. On the other hand having one's bare buttocks exposed by another unexpectedly and in public, can be a source of humiliation.

Although the bum is only muscle, and in UK it is not illegal, but I have heard the odd story about ladies turning up at public swimming pools wearing thongs or very skimpy outfits and getting the odd strange look but that's usually as far as it goes, I suspect that if a man was to do this he would not receive such a favorable reaction. You can't help but think that if society does not and don't understand it', they turn away and usually label it, 'perverted'.

But when you strip way the clothing, then the bum is certainly more than something that you just sit on.

The anus is full of thousands of nerve endings both inside and outside, making it very sensitive. For some people, the anus is an erogenous zone that can respond to sexual touch and stimulation. For others, it's a hands-off zone that needs to be respected. It is okay to enjoy anal stimulation, and it's also okay to dislike it - both preferences are common.

If you want to read more about my thoughts n the bum and anus, have a look at my bum webpage.

Dry Orgasms

An interesting subject, but if I'm anything to go by, not much is known about them. They were first mentioned to me by Marc, who appears in the Visitors Gallery. He maintains that it is possible to have an orgasm without ejaculation. If you can suppress the ejaculation, then the resulting orgasm can be much more powerful and last for much longer. That sounds like a fascinating idea, so Marc has very kindly described how he achieves his dry orgasms, illustrated with some photographs, which is on this separate dry orgasms webpage.

The topic got me thinking, so I did a web search on the subject. Most of the search results revolved around a device called an Aneros, which is able to massage the prostate and produce very powerful, very long, but dry orgasms. The prostate is just inside the rectum. The Aneros is inserted into the rectum so that it rests against the prostate. Then by flexing the anal muscles, it causes the Aneros to move slightly and massage the prostate to produce very powerful dry orgasms. Apparently it takes a bit of practise, so is not necessarily an instant success. For your information, I've extracted a section from the webpage, which describes it and how it works. It sounds fascinating and I would be interested to hear if anybody has tried one, and how they got on with it. The Aneros is also discussed on my dry orgasm webpage.

Ball Stretching

I've had several emails recently on the subject of ball stretching. It is an interesting subject, but not one that I particularly feel the need to indulge in. However, some of the readers of my webpage are 'into it' and with a little extra research on the internet, I've put together some information on the subject which will give you some idea of what it is all about, and hopefully point you in the right direction if you want to explore further. Have a look at the Ball Stretching website.




I'm not really into piercing. The thought of being pierced and creating an opening in a part of your body that is extremely sensitive, just sounds too painful, whether it is a penis, nipple or what ever. The thought of then inserting a metal ring through the opening and then working it so that the opening gets larger and larger, with the metal ring getting thicker and thicker, not to mention heavier and heavier, really does not appeal, but may be sensation the heavy ring dangling from the tip of your penis is part of the attraction. I presume that during intercourse, the heavy ring clunking around inside the vagina must highten the sensation, but I really can't imagine it. John has sent me some photos of some view of his piercing and ring, which you may find of interest.

I'm not sure that you could be pierced like this if you had a foreskin.


 The 'hole' with the ring removed.

If you have any photos of 'more unusual' piercings, then I would be happy to include them as its always interesting so see what others do.




Read all about Pete's piercing story





If you are really feeling brave, read all about Anthony's DIY piercing!

Male Chastity

I think there are many different motivators. I think some people prefer abstinence from sex, some people feel tortured by chastity and it scratches a masochist itch, some people use a cage to ramp up their horny feelings or to keep them feeling horny for a long time, and some people use it as part of their relationship dynamic which is sometimes but not always an SM relationship.

Read more about it here.



As you will have gathered by now, I interested in all things relating to the penis. The topics tend not to be openly discussed, but there is a definate interest from the readers of my website. I'm always interested in new subject areas and Viagara sounds like an obvious one to find out about. Judging by the amount of junk email that I get from people trying to sell me the stuff, there must be a thriving market out there. My knowledge on the subject is limited and I suspect that many others have the same limited knowledge. Basically all I know is that it makes you erect for longer. I've heard that there can be medical side effects.

If anybody cares to provide me with their experience (with or without photos), then I would be happy to start a section on the subject.

If you want to read first hand reports of the effects of using Viagara, have a look at my webpage on the subject.

Erectile Dysfunction

It appears that about 10% of males have some form of erectile dysfunction. Again it is one of those subjects that people do not talk about much. There is an excellent website that provided information on the subject if you are interested.

Again, if anybody cares to share their experiences of erectile dysfunction, and to indicate how the medical world were able to help, then I'm more than happy to add their experiences to this webpage and share them with the rest of the world.

Prostatic Operations

It is very easy to take for granted the ability to masturbate, get and erection and have an orgasm. I'm no expert, but it appears that the Prostate Gland plays a large part in all things that give sexual pleasure - whether it is ejaculation related or just massage of the gland itself. All the time it works fine, then it contributes to providing lots of pleasure. However, it can go wrong and is prone to getting cancerous. In which case if left un-noticed it can be a killer.

I've had input from several readers who have had problems, and their stories are included in this separate webpage.

Just a Bit Different

If you fancy trying or looking just a bit different, then try this website which will certainly make you look different, that is asuming that you can see through your watering eyes!



Things that others do with their penises and other bits of their body

This is a selection of items that I've found on the internet that I have not covered in my webpage relating to the things that some people do to their penises and bits of their body, that you might find of interest. Just click on the images to go to the webpage.

My Penis

After all the above discussion about the penis in general in all its sizes, shape and appearences, and with the relative easy these days of producing and maintaining videos on-line, I've done a quick video of my favourite 'toy'. It shows most of its 'bits' and other good fun things to play with.

   If that does not work, try this one -->>  

I hope that you like it!



And Finally:

If all the above discussion gets your brain ticking on whether you should snip off some pubic hair or modify your circumcision, then all that pales into insigificance where eunuchs are concerned. Technically a eunuch is a person who has his balls removed. But some go even further and chop the whole lot off! Penis, Balls, Scrotum, and just leave a small hole to pee through. I never realised that they actually existed. They do and these photos are real - not modified in any way!

Some people actually chose to have their balls removed (technically a eunuch)

Some have the whole lot removed (now thats what I call smooth!)

And this is all thats left when the penis, balls and scrotum have all been removed.

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