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In the Begining

Walking in SkiathosMy earliest recollections of a dislike for clothing must have been at about the age of 10 when I discovered that It was much more enjoyable to sleep without my pyjamas. At the time I don’t know why but I just followed my instincts and off they came. Obviously, I was living at home at the time, and needless to say it was not long before my mother discovered my lack of pyjamas. I did not get told off, but some disapproving words were said. I also seem to remember enjoying wandering around the house nude when everybody else was out.

I have always enjoyed being in the sun, although having a fair skin I used to burn very easily. A few years later, I remember one sunny day lying on the sun lounger in our back garden in my swimming cossie. It was not a very secluded garden. I can not remember what thoughts went through my head, but I decided that it would be better to take my cossie off and sunbathe nude, (I was face down, bum up). Being England it was only a matter of time before it started to cloud over so I put my cossie back on and went indoors. My mother had noticed me lying in the garden naked, but had not said anything until I got indoors. Again, I did not actually get told off but more disapproving words were said, along the lines of ‘what would the neighbours think!’

At senior school, Wednesday afternoon was always 'games', which would always finish up with a communal shower. I remember being quite shy about having a shower nude with lots of other boys. I don't think that it was helped by the fact that I noticeably developed into puberty much earlier than most others. I did not want my penis (which puberty had enlarged ahead of all the others) to be the subject the subject of a communal joke, so my showers were short and sweet!

I can't help but feel that my awareness of the delights of being naked was linked to puberty. The processes involved during puberty result in changes to the male body that replaces a urinary tube with a 'fun play thing', which is at its best when unencumbered by clothes. As the male body moves through puberty and into adulthood, the 'fun play thing' becomes the 'ultimate Play Station', whether it is being used to provide the joys of masturbation or the ultimate delight of sexual intercourse.

The Wasted Years

A very old photo of me with hairI went to university. In addition to obtaining a degree, it meant that I was able to leave home (and my pyjamas). My university years outside the lecture theatre were spent discovering classical music, pubs, fish & chip shops, and Indian restaurants in Central London.

My civil engineering university course necessitated a six month period working ‘on site’. I finished up working for a contractor building a harbour breakwater for the steel plant at Port Talbot in South Wales. I remember the coastline to the east of Port Talbot was deserted sand dunes and a fine beach. Being the ‘engineer’ I worked with a team of two ‘chain boys’. Their duties were to hold the other end of the tape measure, etc. I remember on one occasion that we had to go some distance along the beach, and it was a hot day. On the way back, as we walked along the beach, the boys decided to take off their shorts and walk nude. They tried to get me to do the same, but I was too shy. Oh how times have changed!

During this period I lived in Swansea. I remember discovering the Gower Peninsular, with its delightful bays and sandy beaches. I do remember sun bathing nude, so I could not have been that shy!

The Real World

A glass of wine and PigletI left university and got a job, but where ever I went my nude body was not too far away. I shared a flat with a friend and I do remember being living nude for long periods. I met a girl in the office (Vicki) and we got on very well. She admitted that she was a lesbian, but that did not stop us from being good friends. I remember periods when she was without a girlfriend, when we would cook meals for each other . During one of our evenings 'at home' I had a shower, and after chatting while I dried off, I just did not bother to get dressed. She was clearly not bothered by my nudity, and I was certainly not bothered by the situation. Although she showed no sexual interest in me, it was quite some while before she said 'that's the first time that I've seen your penis really soft'. Our evenings 'at home' continued for some while. On one occasion, we invited a mutual male friend (Alan) over for a meal at my house. Needless to say I was nude when she arrived, and remained nude when Alan arrived. May be I should have given him some warning, as when he arrived he thought that he was interrupting something! He was reassured that, my nudity was quite normal, and again he happily accepted the situation.

He subsequently got married. His wife was a hairdresser and was invited to their house for a meal and a hair cut. As they lived some distance away, I was always invited to stay the night. This haircutting arrangement lasted for several years. As the months progressed, I remember that the amount of clothing worn diminished as the evening progressed. We had the meal, followed by the haircut. I originally removed my shirt to prevent it from being covered in cut hair. You can probably see where the story is going as I judged that my exposure of flesh was not causing any embarrassment to my hairdresser. At the following hairdressing appointment, my shirt and trousers came off, so I had my hair cut while sitting in my underpants. On subsequent occasions, the underpants gave way to a 'g' string, which gave way to a willie warmer, which gave way to nothing! The end of the evening would invariably be near the bathroom, with all three of us naked.

I remained good friends with Vicki, and it was her who mentioned that she though that nudist magazines did exist, and that I should try and get a copy. It did not take much searching to discover Health & Efficiency (H&E). I purchased my first copy many years ago. In fact it was so many years ago that it was the small ‘pocket’ size magazine rather than the now familiar A4 size. There are many debates about the merits of the magazine, whether it is a ‘girlie’ magazine, or a nudist magazine. I find some of the travel articles particularly interesting, but it is necessary to leaf past pages of young naked ladies in make up to get to the bits that are worth reading. There again, being a fairly normal male (what ever that is), I do not find the leafing past pages of young naked ladies too distressing.

Through H&E I found out about EUREKA Nudist Club near Brands Hatch, and it was not long before I plucked up courage to phone Mark Wilson to be introduced to the Club. Taking off my clothes in public did not cause me any problems at all, no erection, no embarrassment, in fact I took to it like a duck to water!

My first nude photo. A self portrait, taken in my bathroom, which had a full lenght mirror.

Between leaving university and buying my first house I shared various flats and houses. When I first discovered H&E I was sharing a house in Manchester. I remember experimenting with nudity outside my bedroom by deciding that breakfast in the nude seemed like a good idea. The problem with sharing a house is that you also share the kitchen and breakfast area. I arrived in the kitchen nude and un-announced while the others were preparing their breakfast. I don't remember any comments being made, but I did feel a bit uncomfortable as the others made a hasty retreat from the kitchen. I decided that my first attempt at imposing my nudity onto an unsuspecting audience was not a great success.
I also shared my sister's house for a while where my nudity was positively rebuffed. Eventually, I bought my own house where I could live nude without worring about anybody, and it was bliss.

Mirtiotissa Beach, the near end is the nude section.

I remember taking a few summer holidays with my sister, her husband and a mutual friend. Our first location was the island of Corfu in Greece. We stayed at a hotel on the west side of the island (that's the quiet side of the island). I went equiped with Phil Vallack's Free Sun book, which was a guide to nude beaches in Britain and Europe. I quickly worked out that there was a nude beach only a few miles to the south. I suggested a visit to the beach, but did not mention that it had a nudist section. The beach was called Mirtiotissa and it was magnificent. It was situated at the bottom of a steep cliff track. As we descended, it became very apparent where the nude and textile areas were. The group of us headed to the textile area. I stuck it out for about 10 minutes and then announced that I was off to explore the nudist section. In no time at all, my swimming cossie was off. I was nude on my first nude beach. It was a wonderful feeling to be in such a beautiful location surrounded by lots of other nude people. I spent many other happy days on the nude section of the beach.

The three of us went on other holidays together to Corsica and the South of France. We all enjoyed beaches walking and generally being in the sun. Although none of the others tried it, my nudity was never questioned, and we spent many delightful days walking and fishing, with me dressed as nature intended.

I then decide that it was time to go off on my own and try a real proper nudist holiday. At the time Yugoslavia was an obvious choice of destination as it had lots of nudist resorts and clearly had a relaxed attitude to the sight of naked bodies. There was nobody else who I could invite along, so I went off on my own. I booked a flight to Pula, packed my rucksack and tent and off I went for two weeks naked in the sun.

The bridge to the islandMy first stop was Monsena. It was a delightful place. My immediate reaction was one of surprise as it was signposted from the local town centre, and it was just like another campsite, in that it was quite 'public' and not surrounded by high fences. I stayed there for a few days then moved a few miles further north to Koversada. At the time it was the largest nude campsite in the world (I suspect that it probably still is). One of the nice features of the campsite was that it has an island, which is connect to the mainland by a narrow bridge. As I was not reliant on motorised transport, I set my tent up on the island where it was not so crowded.

The beaches in that part of the Adriatic Sea are just rock, so it was a case of finding a flatish area by the sea to get down to some serious tanning. I found a suitable rock, but as there were not that many flat areas and after a while I was joined by an English couple. We introduced ourselves and all three of us absorbed the sun's rays on the same piece of rock. It turned out that they were a most unusual couple, she was clearly an exhibitionist and I got the impression that the husband had seen it all before. She arranged herself on the rocks with her legs apart, showing me all that there was to see, leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination. It became impossible trying to stop my penis from popping up to say "hello!" in such a situation, so I finished up just letting it do what it wanted to do. I've subsequently seen many sights on nudist beaches, but never one quite like her!

The TentThe following day the continued very much as the first day, with her waving her moist vagina in my face and my penis making it very clear that I enjoyed the sight. As the day progressed the beach became busier with more people around, so it was suggested that we went back to my tent for a cup of tea. The tea was duly made and all three of us sat in side the not very large tent. By which time it was clear that she wanted to have her wicked way with me Although my penis was clearly saying "yes please", I said that I felt awkward with her husband sitting only a few inches away. He said that he had no objection, so that afternoon I lost my virginity! (Well this bit of the webpage is called 'First Experiences'!)

Nude beaches and nude resorts have never quite been the same since. Every holiday that I've taken since has always been heavily nude oriented, but I've never encountered such a situation before with a stranger. That's not to say that my penis has never popped up to say "hello" on the odd occasion. Although the above example is rather extreme, many nudists and nudist clubs maintain that nudity and sexual awareness are quite separate. In my opinion, I am just as sexually aware whether I'm wearing clothes or not, and do not have the ability to switch it off just because I'm naked. I'm not suggesting that men should parade around with erections all the time, or that sex on a beach should be common place, but you can not ignore that fact that there is a strong sex drive in humans, which can not always be surpressed.

Your First Experiences?

If you fancy telling me your first experiences, or when you first discovered that your enjoyed being nude, then I'll add them to my 'Readers First Experiences' webpage. You don't have to write much, just a few paragraphs will do.

On the subject of 'other' First Experiences, if you fancy telling me and my other readers about how (and where) you lost your virginity, especially if you were nude at the time, and even better if you were on a nude or secluded beach at the time, then I'll add your stories to my 'Lost Virginity' webpage. I'm also quite happy to include details of 'intimate events' on secluded beaches, even if you and your partner were not virgins!

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