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On the beachKite flying

Western Pyrenees

Pointing towards Spain On the French/Spainsh border

Looking into SpainLook down on Spain

On route to the CanigouCanigou

Paxos Greece 2003

 Ouzo time

More ouzo and things are looking up!
The following photos are not nude, but are about as close as you can get to being nude in public! See my 'Skimpy Webpage' for more thoughts and ideas on the subject.  

 Waiting for the bus in Loggos

 Beer time on Anti Paxos

Paxos Greece 2006

A well deserved beer!

Not really a naturist bar, but we were the only people there!

Glyfada beach

Glyfada beach



Paxos 2008

Lunch stop at Kalouri Bay on Anti Paxos

The view from our balcony

The things that you see on the donkey tracks!


Paxos 2009

 Lunch at Kalouri on Anti Paxos

 A fine donkey track

 If there is a beer in it then I'll put some clothes on - just!!

 I've got all the right protective gear on!

Paxos 2010

Donkey track near Velientataika

Well deserved beer stop at Ozias

Elinki Creek

Another beer stop at Fontana

Over exposed on the footpath to Mastoratika

Back and Bum study on Kipiadi Beach

2012 Summer Holidays

Sailing in the Ioanian

 Just south of Fiskardo

 Near Goat Bay

 Two Rock Bay

 Approaching Paxos


 Above Erimitis

 Above Trypitos Arch

 Above Trypitos Arch

 Clothed (just about) for a beer

 Catching some evening rays

 Footpath 25C

 Cliffs near Kastanida

 Footpath 19a

 Well at Ostrias

2013 Summer Holidays

Sailing around the Greek Sporades Islands

Leaving Koukounaries beach on Skiathos

 En route to Alonnisos

Evening meal at anchor off Kyra Pangia


Footpath 18b

Naer Analipst Church

Kipadi Beach

Appartment pool

Appartment pool

Mouzmouli Bay

Mouzmouli Bay

Newly discovered windmill near Lesiantis

Another windmill near Lesiantis

Kipadi Beach

Unfortunately I can't be nude all the time, but when I can't be nude I do not wear much! 

Bar in Fontana

New signpost to Elinki

Opratygos Bar

Donkey admiring my protective clothing!
For more details about my mini cossie, folow this link

2014 Summer Holidays

Sailing around the Greek Sporades Islands (again!)

Koukounaries Bay, Skiathos

Approaching Skiathos Town
Stafilos Beach, Skopelos

Paigniou Bay, Kira Panayia Island

En-route to Steni Vala

Xero Bay, Peristeri Island


 Near Ypapanti

View at the top of the Ypapanti Tower

 Near the Ypapanti Windmill

 View across Ypapanti Cove

 Long grass on FP 33

 Long grass on FP 33

 Ruins overlooking Anti Paxos

 FP 49

 Elinki Cisterna

 Mouzmouli Bay

 Anto Paxos from FP 47a

Avaaki Creek from Ostrrias Wells

 Deserted valley FP 25c

 Analipsi church bell

 Wild man on FP 47a

 FP 47a

2015 Summer Holidays

Sailing in the Saronic Gulf in Greece - Spetses in the background

FP 3 on our way back from Lakkos Beach

 FP 33 south of Fontana

 FP 34a south of Erimitis Bay

 FP 34a south of Erimitis Bay

Outside Analipst Church with a view over towards Corfu

On Elinki Cisterna with Anti Paxos in the background

On Elinki Cisterna looking west

Looking across Mouzmouli Bay towards Elinki

FP 49 south of Ozias with Anti Paxos in the background

A fine view from the Ostrias Wells down towards Avlaki Creek

2016 Summer Holidays

 Looking for wind in the Saronic Gulf - Greece

 Near the Ypapanti Windmill



 Elinki Cisterna

 Mouzmouli Bay

 View from our apartment

 Anti Paxos

 Pretty path (24a) near Anemoyianatika

 Ancient path 20a


Paxos 2017

 Path 3 above Lakos Beach

 Outside Analipst Church

 Path 33 above Fontana

Near Elinki overlooking Mouzmouli Bay


Path 47 with Anti Paxos in the distance

 Path 49 above Ozias

 Near Erimitis Cliffs

 Path 22 above Kipiadi Beach

 Path 20a above the Vale of Loggos

 Outside Analipst Church

 Path 49 above Ozias

 Path 47 near Valientatika

 Path 53 Windmill above Gaios

Summer Holidays 2018

Sailing - Saronic Gulf - Greece





 Path 3 above Lakos Beach

 View towards Lakka bay


 On top of the Ypapanti Cliffs

 Elinki Cisterna

 Mouzmouli Bay

 Mouzmouli Bay

 Mouzmouli Bay

 Path 47a
   Beer stop - almost clothed!

 Lesianitis Windmill

 Lesianitis Windmill

 Path 20a - Vale of Loggos

 Outside Analipst Church



 Near Fontana

 Path 49 near Trypitos

 Path 49 near Trypitos

Summer Holidays 2019

 Greece - Southern Ionian







Paxos 2019






















Paxos 2021

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Trimming the wild flower meadow


Barbeque time

Spring 2003

I kept my foreskin forward for this one! 

Toasted front

The new sun terrace is almost complete (April 2005)

Spring 2005

Apres ski in Verbier (Switzerland) March 2007

 Early Spring sunshine

It must be serious as I've put my wine glass down

 The Joys of Spring

More Greek Island Sailing 2007

  Cricket on a deserted beach on Erikousa

and in 2009

Back on Erikousa. A massive beach where the only footprints were ours!

 Under sail with Erikousa in the background

 The north coast of Orthoni


A beer stop in Orthoni - not quite nude but almost!

 At the helm!

 Its much more fun than using a compass to steer by!

 Approaching Plataria

and in 2010

 Off the west coast of Ithica

Leaving Kastus

Christmas 2013 Photos - Ho! Ho! Ho!








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