Body Painting

I had the opportunity to be 'body painted' and being always keen to try new things, I could not refuse the offer! The painting subject was the 'Garden of Eden'.

It was a rather different life modelling situation, where I was the actual canvas for the 'Garden of Eden', rather than me being painted onto a canvas, So I just for a change, was actually being painted - if you understand me!

 The Canvas

 The sky goes on

 The grass gets added

 A tree starts to appear

 A cose up of thr tree!

A snake starts to appear from the tree

The snake takes on more character

A close up of the developing snake

The sun appears from my left nipple

 The final 'Garden of Eden'

 The final 'Garden of Eden'

 The final 'Garden of Eden'

If you fancy being painted and you are local to North London, drop Bryan and email

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