Naturist Ramblers - 2016 Walks

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Leith Hill - Late April

The new Naturist Ramblers group just held its first walk. For those in need of an explanation, over the winter the Singles Outdoor Club underwent a split, and the former walking interest group of that organization decided to re-form as the Naturist Ramblers.

As an aside, the British like the word “Rambler”. The 18th century writer Samuel Johnson produced a magazine called “The Rambler”, there has been a “Ramblers’ Association” since the 1930s, and of course the body-freedom activist Steve Gough is known as the “Naked Rambler” (though he disavows being a naturist). You can also look up the quasi- folk song “The Manchester Rambler”.

So, we walked. You’d have to be lucky to get a day of really naturist-friendly weather in England in April, and the weather gods weren’t especially kind. We had an hour or so of sunshine before clouds moved in, and it was cool and often breezy. At least there was no rain! Nevertheless, some participants wore their naturist uniforms with joy and pride. We had a group of 20, many regulars and a few new faces. We went about 10 miles, and as always it's remarkable to see how it's possible to have a significant walk so close to London while passing only a few isolated houses and seeing so few people.

The Executive Committee in action

Amost ready to start

There are off, so are the clothes!





Gallows Hill - Early May

New for 2016










Whiteways - Mid May









Weald Side - Early June






Wepham Down - Mid June










Friston Forest - Mid June










Dean's Bottom - Late June








Ackling Dyke - Mid July







Hoo Peninsula - late July









Red Shoot, New Forest - Late July












Golden Ringed Dragonfly



Sugar Hill - Early August







Harting Down - Mid August





Ashdown Forest - Late August

On an old WW2 runway ready for take-off

Braberry Pond

Braberry Pond


 The Folly

 The Folly





 Swim stop

 Swim stop


Box Hill Maze - Late August




Grovely Wood - Early September









Mereworth Forest - Early October







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