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About our walks

"The objective of this club is to organise and lead walks along, mostly, public rights of way in quiet countryside for groups of naturists who enjoy walking in the fresh air."

Our intention is to enjoy the exhilaration of walking without the encumbrance of clothing when the weather permits.

We are not planning to make any sort of political point, or to make any sort of challenge to other members of the public. It is our policy to carry "cover-up" garments which we put on when we see other walkers approaching us from a distance, or realise that we are about to pass other people, such as farmers working in their fields.

Membership is open to all naturists (male and female) over the age of 18 who agree to abide by the Naturist Ramblers Constitution. All walkers are required to sign a Registration Form. It requests contact details and requires the walkers to follow the instructions of the Walk Leader and to accept full responsibility for their own actions. Please be aware that these walks are volunteer led. This means you are responsible for your own safety at all times.

Perhaps you are in two minds about joining a naturist walk. The idea sounds fine but you are apprehensive about undressing. Please rest assured that we definitely do not insist that people go nude on these walks nor put anyone under any pressure to do so. Indeed sometimes it can be too cold! But you will find all the walkers friendly and chatty and we are certain you will soon find walking nude to be a supremely enjoyable and liberating experience. Why not come along and try one of our walks - even if you do not like our 'style' of walking then at least you will get a pleasant walk in the countryside for your efforts.

To get a feel for what our walks involve, have a look at the photos from our 2017 walks.

If you are still in doubt about whether you might enjoy our walks, read some of the comments from first time walkers with the Naturist Ramblers.

We enjoy walking nude where circumstances permit. It is not, however, our intention to cause anyone any offence, to make a demonstration of the right to be nude in public, or to challenge the law on these walks. The Walk Leader will tell you when it is suitable to be nude or not. It is a requirement for those who take part that they should cover up when told by the Leader to do so. So please bring something that you can do a quick cover-up with, which will then look like reasonably normal attire to anybody we may encounter. When we do meet non-naturists suddenly, and have no chance to cover up, walkers should behave pleasantly and not suspiciously in those circumstances.

We do try and tie in the start time of each walk with the rail timetable to accommodate those travelling by train. For some walks you can leave the London terminus after 10.00 to take advantage of cheap day and railcard reductions. None of the walks require leaving the London terminus before 09.30 so it is possible to take advantage of off-peak tickets if they apply.

We do endeavour to provide a lift from the rail station to the walk start point. However please note that that we cannot guarantee a lift. Should there be insufficient cars at the pick-up station it will be necessary for some walkers arriving by train to take a mini cab to the start point and share the cost.

If you were considering coming on one of our walks, we have listed some general guidelines below:

  Most walks start from a pub at about mid-day. We usually conclude our day with supper together in the pub, so you might like to arrange to be free all day if you are coming to join us. If you have to get away a little earlier, be aware that particularly when the weather is fine we may not return to the starting point until 7:00pm.
  Each of these walks is between 10 and 14 miles in length. Many are in hilly country, and all are in reasonably unpopulated areas for obvious reasons. The going along footpaths through woods and over fields can be rough and at times muddy underfoot in places, so you need to be reasonably fit.
   It is recommended that you come well equipped with strong walking boots or shoes.
  You should also bring a rucksack for your clothes, a picnic lunch, at least a litre (two pints) to drink if hot sunny weather is forecast, and rainwear and warm clothing when appropriate.
  Other things to consider bringing with you are a hat, insect repellent, sun block cream and hiking poles, especially if you ever have any trouble with your knees or balance.
  It is important that the group keeps together, as trying to lead a large group can create problems for the walk leader. If you do get separated from the group, we recommend that you return to the last point where you had contact with the group and wait. Once realising that we have lost a walker, somebody will come in search of you! We suggest that you wait 30 mins. After that time you will need to either retrace your steps or find your own way back to the walk start point.
  A limited first aid kit will generally be carried on each walk. It does not contain any medication, so you will need to carry any medical basics that you may require, such as: antihistamine cream, anti-septic cream, etc.
  A mobile phone can also be very useful. It is recommended that you register your phone with the emergency services. This will make it much easier to contact them in case of an emergency - see the see the video on the Nat Ram main page for details of how to do it -
  We do urge our walkers to have regard to the "rules" of the countryside, having due respect for those whose livelihood is the land, shutting gates behind us, clearing up debris from picnic lunches and so on.
  Dogs are welcome on our walks, but they do need to be kept under control, especially around livestock. Be aware that a farmer is allowed to kill your dog if it's worrying their livestock!


If you would like to join us on our walks, or have a particular query you can email the Naturist Ramblers Walks Organiser