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Membership is open to all naturists over the age of 18 who agree to abide by the Naturist Ramblers Constitution.

Although we are a member club of British Naturism (BN), you do not have to be a member of BN to join Nat Ram. If you are a member of BN and you wish to join Nat Ram, you still have to pay the full Nat Ram subscription fee.

If you would like to try out one of our walks, just follow the steps below:

1. Choose your first walk from the programme on the Nat Ram website.
2. Email the Secretary and he will send you the full meet-up details of that walk. It would be helpful if could outline your naturist experience.
3. Pay your £5 subscription by bank transfer prior to the walk. The Secretary will give you our bank details.
4. Give the walk leader a completed Registration Form when you turn up for the walk.
5. Enjoy the walk.
6. Once you have completed a successful first walk you will be regarded as a member and will be sent the complete, fully-detailed programme for the year.

The Registration Form requests the walkers contact details and provides information about our data protection and Privacy Policy. The walker's signature is an acknowledgement that the walker understands that they accept full responsibility for their own participation in the walks. New walkers will need to complete three successful walks with the Club before being entitled to vote at the Annual General Meeting.

The Naturist Ramblers Club is fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation - 2018 (GDPR). A copy of the Naturist Ramblers Privacy Statement can be found here.

The Committee has the right to decline or cancel membership without giving a reason.

To avoid confusion, we wish to make it clear that The Naturist Ramblers Club (Nat Ram) has no connection what so ever with any other naturist rambling groups, despite the similarity in some of their names.


Subscriptions for all Members is fixed annually by the Committee. The subscription year is 1st November to 31st October the following year.

The annual subscription fee for 2021 to the 31st October 2021 is £5.

All walkers must pay the appropriate annual membership subscription fee on or before attending their first walk of any calendar year. This automatically gives them cover under the Club's insurance policy.