Naturist Ramblers - Membership

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Membership is open to all naturists over the age of 18 who agree to abide by the Naturist Ramblers Constitution.

New walkers will be granted Provisional Membership until they have completed at least three successful walks with the Club over a period which includes the current year plus the previous two years. After successfully completing three walks with the Club, they will be granted Full Membership, which gives them full voting rights at the AGM.

New walkers are required to complete and sign a Registration Form requesting contact details. The walkers signature is an acknowledgement that the walker understands that they accept full responsibility for their own participation in the walks.

The Naturist Ramblers Club is fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation - 2018 (GDPR). A copy of the Naturist Ramblers Privacy Statement can be found here.

The Committee has the right to decline membership without giving a reason.


Subscriptions for all Members is fixed annually by the Committee. The subscription year is 1st April to 31st March the following year.

The subscrition fee for 2018 to the 31st March 2019 is £5.

All walkers (Full and Provisional Members) must pay the appropriate annual membership subscription fee on attending their first walk of any calendar year. This automatically gives them cover under the Club's insurance policy.

Full Members with a lapsed membership, who wish to re-join after missing the previous three full years of walks will need to re-join as a Provisional Member.