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The Naturist Ramblers Club is fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation - 2018 (GDPR). A copy of the Naturist Ramblers Privacy Statement can be found here.

The Naturist Ramblers Club was established in April 2016. An Inagurial meeting was held in mid-April at the Oxford Pub, where all the walk leaders were invited. The main objectives of the meeting were to thrash out the Constitution, elect the Naturist Ramblers Committee and initiate the opening of a bank account.

   Members of the Committee after the Inaugrial Meeting

British Naturism's Views and Thoughts on Naturist Hiking


The Legality of Naturist Rambling

We do not claim to be legal experts on the matter, but by reference to more eminent sources, it would appear that It is not an offence to be naked in public in England and Wales. However, it can become an offence if it can be proven that the naked individual caused harassment, alarm or distress to another person. In the absence of any sexual context and intention to cause alarm and distress – being naked in public is within the law.

For a more complete discussion on the matter follow
this link


The Crown Prosecution Service's Webpage - Nudity in Public - Guidance on handling cases of Naturism


British Naturism (BN) now has a web address which directs any police or other officers who may challenge Naturists to information on just what the law of the land says on ordinary non-sexual nudity in public and how they should be responding.

The webpage says:

There are three main categories of public nudity. "Exposure" has strictly defined limits under the law and does not mean simply 'exposed to view'.

Recreational practice is continuously increasing year on year and becoming ever more popular so there is an attending increasing level of reporting.

1. Naturism and public nudity is lawful when undertaken passively: sunbathing, swimming, cycling, gardening, maintenance, etc. Being naked and/or being seen naked is not an offence. Parliament framed The Sexual Offences Act s66 at the request of British Naturism and other interested groups specifically to exempt Naturists from criminality, even though they are exposed to view. A tiny minority of the population dislikes nudity or finds nudity to be morally wrong. They are sometimes strongly vocal in opposition which Parliament accepts as part of our democracy.

2. Section 66 Sexual Offences Act 2003 was designed only to deal with 'Flashing' which was the offence particularly addressed in the Act, and usually requires someone to be clothed to launch their attack which is preplanned with intention to frighten. This is defined by the legal phrase "Alarm or Distress". It is an active and aggressive action requiring intent creating a causal link from the exposure of genitals into the fear or distress inculcated into the victim.

3. A very small number of incidents where people are naked may involve the necessity for medical intervention where individuals are suffering mental aberration, are intoxicated or are under the influence of drugs. A Safeguarding Response and ambulance may be required.

NO cases have succeeded under this Act nor under under Section 5 of The Public Order Act for over 5 years. Parliament, CPS and the courts do not consider nakedness per se to be disorderly conduct. Further information is on the CPS web site -

Control Room personnel should make initial enquiry to determine the nature of any actions and behaviours rather than simply prejudge on an individual's state of dress. Explanation to complainants may be required as some people incorrectly believe that the sight of nakedness is unlawful and call 999 accordingly.

Legal Department
HQ 01604 620361

Whether a walker or not, please view this video, it may save a life!!

Some brilliant tips on contacting the emergency services on your mobile phone.

Watch Help Me: The Secrets of using 112 on a mobile phone in an emergency/accident by Lyle Brotherton, author of the Ultimate Navigation Manual.

The Verdict from First Time Naturist Ramblers

Thank you, I very much enjoyed the ramble last week and I am looking forward to many more. Some words follow you are welcome to use.

As a first time naturist walker in a group I was hoping for three signs that the walk near Salisbury last week would be the first of many.

1 a good humoured crowd willing the chat, find out about one another and avoid the cliques that can often spoil the experience.

2 a well thought out route that goes out of its way to avoid offending anyone but which still has points of interest and fabulous views along the way that is the main reason for being there.

3 an experienced, good humoured and well organised guide especially one who can negotiate with irate farmers tactfully and still allow us to walk with little interruption.

We had all three and it made the freedom to walk naked all the more enjoyable.


I very much enjoyed the naturist walk , it's something I've not done before but have wanted to try for a while now.
As a new comer to the group I was made to feel very welcome , the people are very friendly and this made the whole day enjoyable for me, it was a beautiful sunny day ideal for my first walk.
I was surprised we managed to walk for hours and hours without bumping into any one.
I look forward to attending some more of the future walks.


I first became aware that a group were rambling naked several years ago following a tv programme, I forget which one!

As I enjoy being nude, I wanted to give it a try but as I was working it was difficult to plan. I have recently been made redundant and currently have free time, so one of the first things I did was to arrange to attend a naked ramble, which took place just outside Cowden.

The weather had recently been glorious but come the day, rain was forecast for the entire duration of the walk. However the Naturist Ramblers are a hardy bunch and the walk went ahead anyway. I decided to travel to Cowden by train and when I arrived there at the station I saw a few likely looking guys and asked them if they were ramblers, they said yes and I was immediately, very kindly offered a lift to the pub meeting point.

The walk started promptly and very soon after entering a wooded area, the walk leader gave the ok to strip and we started our naked journey!

Luckily the temperature stayed warm and the rain held off for most of the walk which lasted for just over 5 hours. The countryside was amazing, It was wonderful to be walking through fields and wooded areas that I would never have seen if it wasn't for the group. The guys were very relaxed and friendly (there's something about being naked in company that makes people very amicable) and I chatted to many of the group as we continued on our way. Being naked in the open countryside was wonderful, something that I would be too nervous to do on my own. The few spots of rain toward the end of the walk were warm and refreshing. There were a few occasions when the shorts had to briefly go back on as we walked the occasional road or came across a clothed person and a note for me for the future is to get something easier than shorts to pull on and off over my boots.

The evening ended as the rain started to tip down, with a meal in the pub

All in all, beautiful countryside, good company, a healthy pastime and naked outdoors for hours. A brilliant experience that I fully intend to repeat many times.

Thank you to all the Naturist Ramblers, particularly the organisers the walk leader and all the lovely guys I chatted to.


I walk naked across local fields quite often but around here you can only get short stretches before having to cover up, so when I saw "naturist ramble" on the BN website I decided to give it go. The downside is that all the walks are a long way from home, but I headed off one morning on the 2½ hour drive to Whiteways. After battling through road works and congestion I have to admit I was beginning to think I had taken leave of my senses: I was driving for 5 hours there and back for what was going to be about a 5 hour walk, was I mad? However when I got there and found several people who had driven further I knew that if I was mad at least I was in good company.

As it turned out we had about 5 hours out in the countryside and woods with only a few minutes where we had to cover up. Walking through the fields with the sun out and a gentle breeze making the skin tingle was a great reward for the long drive. And walking in company so that you weren't always looking around to see if there were textiles about made the walk much more relaxed than a solo walk.

After the walk we adjourned to a nearby pub and had a very good meal made even better by the good company of like minded souls. This was more than just a walk, it was a very good day out. That evening I lay down with really nice feelings in my body and skin, 5 hours walking naked had left me feeling great.


So how would I sum up the day and did it meet my expectations?  

In short you could not meet a more friendly group. It was a wonderful day in so many respects and I look forward to many more naturist walks.   


The Naturist Ramblers are a group of naturists who split from the Singles Outdoor Club a year or so ago. They walk mainly in the south east of England but they recently held a walk in the Swindon vicinity and I thought let's give it a go.

The walk started at a picture postcard Wiltshire village and the walk basically took a circular route along the Ridgeway taking in Sugar Hill and Liddington Castle and was just over 11 miles long. The walk conveniently started at a very attractive pub starting just after 12.00 noon. After signing in 27 walkers set off, including two ladies and three dogs. The weather was fine and warm but with a strong, and tanning breeze.

After about half a mile it was quiet enough to strip off into what the group described as the proper uniform. The party had a group leader and he kept us together in a very friendly way. The hares stopped from time to time whilst the tortoises caught up. We had a lunch and a late afternoon stop both overlooking glorious countryside. En-route we explored the ancient hill fort Liddington Castle.

The last half mile was along a road but that was unavoidable. The walk took about six hours and as you may realise ended at the pub were several members stayed for a meal. Having a hundred mile journey I said my farewells and stet off home. During the walk we met about half a dozen people and the policy is not to upset anyone and we all covered up. Out of the eleven miles I think we did a little under ten naked. The group was very relaxed but if you look at their web-site you will see they are properly organised, are a member club of BN, have insurance and have done good risk assessments. If their walks were closer to the Midlands I'd certainly consider doing more. Is there scope for us to organise a naturist walk?

I want to thank you for the hospitality on a great day out and indeed I do hope to walk with you again.


Having wandered by myself up and down a local unofficial naturist beach, I thought it would be great to go further a field with a group of like minded people. NatRam seem to be that from the website and it proved the case in practice.

The day arrived and I headed off to the meeting point with rain forecast. Having been made welcome from the moment I arrived, we headed off for the walk in cloudy but dry weather. Throughout the day I chatted with people whilst we walk through the countryside taking in many viewpoints. The rain held off for most of the day and it was warm enough to stay unclothed.

At the end of the day I said Goodbye but was already planning to meet up with the group in a few weeks.

The day was everything I hoped it would be, a very enjoyable naturist walk with good company. I will be joining them again.


Having recently moved to the south-east I was glad to find a naturist rambling group in the area and joined them for a walk in the Arun Gap. The group were very organised and good about providing detailed information on where to meet, complete with map references as well as a description. It was a warm day, but with a bit of cloud, which strikes me as being ideal walking weather. There was a good turnout, with 28 people taking part and the other ramblers were very friendly and welcoming........

The home stretch through Arundel park was certainly the highlight of the walk, with a beautiful view over rolling hills, down to the majestic castle and the village beyond. All in all, it was a very nice, naked afternoon. The route of the walk needs to be revised, but the ramblers were a very friendly and welcoming group and I hope to join them for more walks in the future.


...... Then off to the pub to register and start the walk. Paperwork done we set off at just after mid-day, hot and sunny, 33 enthuiastic walkers. Within 10 minutes of the start of the walk we were able to strip off and stayed that way for most of the day, with the occassional cover up when in the presence of textiled marauders. With this being such a big group there were several catch up stops to allow everyone to bunch up a bit and for the walk leader ro ensure there were no member looses en route. There were 2 small groups that left early, I was in the second small group to leave due to time restraints for buses and trains, but this wasn't until about 1745. An enjoyable day. A very friendly group of people. I look forward to joining them again for another walk soon.


I was invited to join the Wotton Wander for a trial on the 19th April 2018 and was made welcomed in the Pub’s car park by fellow naturists on arrival. It was such a happy, friendly crowd that I found myself chatting away in no time, as if I had known them all my life. I also enjoyed talking to other members of the group over the day. It felt so free and easy walking nude in the Surrey Hills in glorious sunshine on the hottest day of the year so far. A special thank you to the leader Martin for having put together the wonderful walk. It was an absolute brilliant day and I already look forward to the next ramble.