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The Naturist Ramblers Club is fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation - 2018 (GDPR). A copy of the Naturist Ramblers Privacy Statement can be found here.

Richard Hope O.B.E. - 1934 to 2019

Richard sadly passed away on the 14th October 2019 at the age of 85. He was the SOC walks organiser for 10 years from 2005 to 2014. Richard was Peter's predecessor. Richard ran the SOC walks with military style precision and many of the ways that Nat Ram is run today bears Richard's hallmarks.


Nat Ram have produced a special newsletter about Richard. During his earlier years he was editor of the Railway Gazette and was awarded his OBE for services to journalism. He lead a very full life, much of which is described in his obituary in the Daily Telegraph.

The Naturist Ramblers Club was established in April 2016. An Inaugural Meeting was held in mid-April at the Oxford Pub, where all the walk leaders were invited. The main objectives of the meeting were to thrash out the Constitution, elect the Naturist Ramblers Committee and initiate the opening of a bank account.

   Members of the Committee after the Inaugural Meeting

Internal Admin Bits

Setting up a walking club, naturist or otherwise, is not difficult, but we did have to go through some interesting admin hurdles, brought about because we advertise our walks to the public and therefore have a duty of care to our walkers. If you are just a group of friends getting together for a walk, then you can ignore the following:

 As our members pay a subscription, we needed a bank account;
The bank requires a Constitution;
The Constitution requires some form of committee structure;
As we were advertising our walks to the naturist world, we needed to be covered by insurance. BN will provide cover, but we did not consider it adequate for our purposes;
We need to hold an AGM. We do this in January at a nude friendly pub;
As we hold data about our members we have to be GDPR compliant;
Appoint competent Walk Leaders;
Provide the necessary Guidelines;
Plan and recce the walks - that is the easy bit!

Other Naturist Rambling Clubs

We are The Naturist Ramblers Club. The first, the original. Not to be confused with other similar sounding groups. We make no apologies if that sounds pompous. It is a bit like golf tournaments and The Open! It is not the British Open, but the first, the original, The Open!

As mentioned elsewhere in our website, The Naturist Ramblers Club (Nat Ram) took over from the walks section of The Singles Outdoor Club (SOC) in 2016. SOC had been doing their walks since 1993. We chose the name 'Naturist Ramblers', because that is what we do, albeit our walks only cover southern England.

With the clarification of the law on nudity in public as a result of the guidance note issued by the College of Policing, naturist rambling is becoming increasingly popular, which is great. Nat Ram is more than happy to offer guidance to any new groups that are trying to establish themselves. The more of us that can try and spread the message that naturist rambling is very enjoyable and legal, the better.

One minor problem that we have is that other groups that do naturist rambling, also want to call themselves 'Naturist Ramblers', but normally followed by an area identifier. Consequently, other naturist rambling groups are starting to appear. This can lead to confusion as to whether there is any connection between the groups.

We cannot speak on behalf of other groups, just The Naturist Ramblers Club (Nat Ram). Although we are a member club of British Naturism, we have no connections with other naturist rambling groups /clubs.


The Legality of Naturist Rambling

The law regarding nudity in public in England and Wales was clarified in mid-2018. A Briefing Note from the College of Policing states that passive nudity in public, which includes nude rambling, is deemed to be a lawful activity and that as no offences are being committed then no police action will be necessary.

To put it into a nutshell, by participating in our style of Naturist Rambling in England and Wales, we are very unlikely to be committing any offence.

This is the police putting into writing guidance from the Crown Prosecution Service, which has been available for some while.

The Crown Prosecution Service's Webpage - Nudity in Public - Guidance on handling cases of Naturism


British Naturism (BN) website also directs any police or other officers to the Briefing Note from the College of Policing so that they can be aware of just what the law of the land says on ordinary non-sexual nudity in public and how they should be responding.

The webpage says:

There are three main categories of public nudity. "Exposure" has strictly defined limits under the law and does not mean simply 'exposed to view'.

Recreational practice is continuously increasing year on year and becoming ever more popular so there is an attending increasing level of reporting.

1. Naturism and public nudity is lawful when undertaken passively: sunbathing, swimming, cycling, gardening, maintenance, etc. Being naked and/or being seen naked is not an offence. Parliament framed The Sexual Offences Act s66 at the request of British Naturism and other interested groups specifically to exempt Naturists from criminality, even though they are exposed to view. A tiny minority of the population dislikes nudity or finds nudity to be morally wrong. They are sometimes strongly vocal in opposition which Parliament accepts as part of our democracy.

2. Section 66 Sexual Offences Act 2003 was designed only to deal with 'Flashing' which was the offence particularly addressed in the Act, and usually requires someone to be clothed to launch their attack which is preplanned with intention to frighten. This is defined by the legal phrase "Alarm or Distress". It is an active and aggressive action requiring intent creating a causal link from the exposure of genitals into the fear or distress inculcated into the victim.

3. A very small number of incidents where people are naked may involve the necessity for medical intervention where individuals are suffering mental aberration, are intoxicated or are under the influence of drugs. A Safeguarding Response and ambulance may be required.

NO cases have succeeded under this Act nor under under Section 5 of The Public Order Act for over 5 years. Parliament, CPS and the courts do not consider nakedness per se to be disorderly conduct. Further information is on the CPS web site - Nudity in Public - Guidance on handling cases of Naturism

Control Room personnel should make initial enquiry to determine the nature of any actions and behaviours rather than simply prejudge on an individual's state of dress. Explanation to complainants may be required as some people incorrectly believe that the sight of nakedness is unlawful and call 999 accordingly.

Legal Department
HQ 01604 620361

British Naturism's Views and Thoughts on Naturist Hiking

Whether a walker or not, please view this video, it may save a life!!

Some brilliant tips on contacting the emergency services on your mobile phone.

Watch Help Me: The Secrets of using 112 on a mobile phone in an emergency/accident by Lyle Brotherton, author of the Ultimate Navigation Manual.

The Verdict from First Time Naturist Ramblers

2021 ------------------------------------------

I had a fabulous day which exceeded my expectations. The day was well organised from the start & I was made to feel welcome from the moment I parked my car at the meeting point. Despite being more than a tad cold at the outset the transfer into uniform wasn’t as difficult as I’d anticipated & as soon as we got moving I started to warm up. The walk itself was stunning with a combination of lovely views, open landscapes & sheltered woodland over the course of some 11 miles. I got to meet & chat to some lovely people along the way & enjoy good company over well placed stops for lunch & tea. Definitely recommended & I certainly hope that this will be the first of many more. 


The Wepham walk was my first foray into social nudism, when I arrived everyone was very friendly and it seemed to be well organized. After we set off, it seemed like we had no sooner past the last house when the call to change onto club kit was given. Although this is what I had come for and had chosen cloths that could be removed with the minimum of fuss, I was suprised that I didn't feel anxious or embarrassed removing my cloths. But standing there before we set off again did seem slightly surreal.

I did enjoy the day and even walking in the rain at the end of the day was quite enjoyable.


I had a great day, beautiful weather and scenery and a really friendly group of people who were all really welcoming to a newcomer to the group. I was also impressed with how organised the walk was and how everyone looked out for each other.


Did you enjoy your day with Nat Ram? 
I thoroughly enjoyed my day with Nat Ram.  It was great fun to meet people from all walks of life - from bosses of founder-led businesses, academics, and  life models to architects, retirees, and ex-military types.  The walk was great.  The scenery was wonderful.  10/10!

Did it come up to your expectations?  
Nat Ram didn't come up to my expectations - it exceeded them.  I was particularly pleased to realise it was quite a socially liberal club.  In the past I have found some landed clubs to be surprisingly conservative, with more than their fair share of - dare I say it - Little Englanders.  Despite the average age of the Nat Ram group being, I would guess, around about 65, it was an open-minded group of people and - while I was twenty years younger than a good percentage of the group - I didn't feel out of place

How well did you think that it was organised?  
Nat Ram's behind the scenes organisation is absolutely A-grade.  Really first class.  I remember it was good when I came with Helen back in 2003.  It's an even slicker operation now.  Best of all, I didn't get roped into doing any of the leg work!

Do you think that the group welcomed new members?
I didn't expect everyone to  be quite so welcoming.  I thought that, as a guy turning up on my own, I'd be made to feel like a bit of a pariah - you can be made to feel at naturist events.  Not a bit of it, despite a bit of an age gap.  Everyone was very friendly.  

I enjoyed the day very much and felt it was very well organised. It's amazing how a good walk can clear your head with all the fresh air and fantastic scenery.  It's lovely to talk to new like minded people. It's always great  to have a good meal at the end of the day too. It's amazing you come up with some great walks. I have lived in the area 40 years and never even seen some of the area! 


Here we go as to my 1st time experience of a naturist ramble......

To be honest it's was most enjoyable. A great walk in the countryside on a sunny day, 12 miles with lunch stop, not too rushed and plenty of time to chat away meeting new open-minded people. We met a fair few members of the public who were most interested in who we were! 

The organisation before & after was second to none, the leader of my pod for the day Peter W was 1st class, approachable, knowledgeable and for a newbie like myself made me feel welcome as one of the pod, couldn't have asked for more! And of course, if you want to ramble / hike the surrounding countryside is spectacular, fields, woods, downland and views.

What better way to spend a day shrugging off any inhibitions one might have about joining a naturist ramble in the beautiful countryside.

Please keep me posted as to all future events, and any other naturist activities.

Once more thanks to the NR group & fellow walkers, and hope to see you soon.........


Regarding my experience....... it was a great walk for me.  I needn't have been anxious as it turned out to be a quite natural day out as if I were abroad somewhere instead of the Kent countryside.  And what a great way to see our own beautiful surroundings.  I was greeted and treated in a completely natural way which was just ideal.  The route was well thought out with a perfect place for lunch.


2020 ------------------------------------------

We thoroughly enjoyed our first NatRam event, walking nude with the group on one of the hottest days of the year for pretty much the entire 10 miles of glorious Wiltshire countryside, with minimal interaction with anyone else . The route was well planned and the pub welcomed us warmly, even whilst jumping through all the one way system / social distancing / sanitising hoops. The food was great.
The joining instructions were clear and Robin and Keith took great care to make sure we were fully informed about what to expect before we arrived. The pod system reassured us that the organisers were taking a responsible approach to the Covid restrictions. As the walk went on the pods became more flexible, which worked well to accommodate the differing pace of walkers. We appreciated the guidance given on when to put our clothes on and the well timed lunch and tea stops gave further chances to chat.
Everyone we spoke to was lovely. People made sure we were introduced and checked we were ok at various points in the day. As a lone female amongst 25+ blokes I felt entirely comfortable chatting to anyone and everyone about a variety of topics, enjoying the rich life experiences of many of our fellow walkers - some but not all of which was naturist related. In fact at various points in the day I completely forgot that none of us had clothes on.


It was with a certain amount of trepidation, that I headed down to the meet-up point for my first naturist walk. Because of Covid, we were split into pods of 4-6 people and headed out at staggered intervals. The smaller numbers made it very easy to get to know my fellow walkers who were all extremely warm and welcoming. Once far enough outside the village (roughly 0.5km) came time to disrobe. Even though you know it's perfectly legal, it's hard to shake the feeling you're doing something wrong. However, the moment quickly passes and what remains is the wonderful feeling of being outdoor as nature intended. The walk went off without a hitch and the few fleeting encounters with other path users was always respectful and handled with sensitivity. The walk was 18km in total, and it felt like the time flew by. I have since gone on to do a number of other walks with NatRam and all have been equally enjoyable


I attended a few years ago so had some idea that it would be an enjoyable day with like-minded folk. Well organised with realisation sometimes plans have to change. I felt welcomed by all. I appreciate the fellowship including the importance of a meal together.


The walk was everything I'd hoped it would be - exhilarating, liberating and fun. The route was well planned and enabled us to walk for at least 10 of the 11 miles naked with no need to cover up. The few interactions with clothed members of the public were either neutral or amusing which helped me to relax. Information in advance was thorough and leadership was great with no need to worry about the route and rest places were well chosen with the option of sun or shade. Obviously, the restrictions which were necessary as a result of COVID-19 meant that there was less scope to mix but I thoroughly enjoyed chatting to the rest of my "pod" about all things naked and a range of other topics! Thoroughly looking forward to the next one. Only regret is that I didn't join years ago so have been missing out!

I very much enjoyed my first walk with Naturist Ramblers and was made very welcome by the fellow members of my 6 person pod of walkers, an adaptation by the club to accommodate COVID19 regulations that worked very well.  The walk was well organised and clearly the issues about how to respond to walking safety in these COVID times had been carefully considered by the club.  It was also, clear from the outset that the pod leader had been well briefed and knew where we were meant to be going, it was reassuring on my first naked ramble to have their guidance on when to cover up and when it wasn’t needed.  The walk was just the right length for me and the mix of wooded and open countryside made for an excellent balance of sun and shade with very little need to cover up until the end of the walk.  My fellow walkers made for enjoyable conversation and were always attentive to looking after me and the other members of the pod.  So my expectations for the day were exceeded and I look forward to joining another walk next week, the benefits of being retired and have time for a change.


I thoroughly enjoyed my first walk, despite the weather being a bit “fresh”! Distance and pace were ideal for me (although I appreciate that the pace may have been faster than usual due to the weather) and the group certainly welcomed me as a new member; I felt very welcome and I think almost everyone made the effort to come and talk to me during the walk. Overall, a very pleasant day with a group of friendly and interesting people that surpassed my expectations! I look forward to joining the group on more walks next year.

I very much enjoyed my first walk with the group...a lovely welcome, well organised and very good company on an excellent walk. The distance was just right for me and I was impressed with the very well planned walk, mixing open country and woodland. I'll definitely be joining some walks next year.


I had my first walk with the Naturist Ramblers on the Chiltern Scrap walk and what an absolute pleasure. If you forget for a moment the pleasure and freedom of being able to walk naked through some very nice countryside, the welcome and refreshing pragmatic approach to new members and naturism is second to none. Right from the start you are made to feel part of the club with a personal welcome, the walk is explained, any questions answered openly and honestly, and everyone was happy to chat and share a story or two along the way. We covered up when it was appropriate, stayed in 'club uniform' (a new phrase I learnt) all the other times, wished other walkers a cheery hello as we passed and I genuinely had a fantastic time. This all helped to make the club a very friendly place and when I complimented this, the simple reply was 'this is what we do'. Well all I will say is keep doing what you do as it is great showcase for what naturism is about! I look forward to joining you all again in the future.


I've walked naked a few times near where I live and at places I either know won't have anyone around, or where I can see people in the distance and cover up. Man on his own...must be up to no good and I'd rather just avoid any confrontation/nastiness etc. Being with a large group though was fab and definitely safety in numbers - not that any of us are doing anything unlawful! So my first time with a group. It was great that straight away there was no stuffiness/clique - just 'hi, you must be the new guy...' and chatting away. I never felt left out at all. Often there's a strong clique and noobs just have to put up with it but I never felt that at all.
Organisation - yep, great. Well planned route. Walk leader was really good/informative etc. Could be a little quicker pace but there was quite an age-spread so no real niggle there. I just wanted to see more of the countryside!
All positive. I may try for the one in early September but everything for me from Cornwall is a long way.
Thanks again, it was a really fab day and I can't wait for another one.


My first Naturist Ramble was a memorable experience. I was warmly welcomed by all and I felt very comfortable. It was great to be walking in beautiful open countryside without clothes. It just felt so natural. The walk was very well organised with several stops for refreshment. Everyone was so friendly and there was plenty of opportunity to chat. I’ll be joining the next walk at the earliest opportunity!


I really enjoyed my first Nat Ram walk, the weather helped as it was a lovely sunny day.
Everyone was very friendly, welcoming and chatted to me. I thought the walk was well planned, mostly avoiding people and the need to put clothes on and it was about the right distance . The leader was very good , knew the route well , with well planned breaks. 
I like walking and being out in the sun and love being naked - so it was great to combine those things and it was very liberating.


Despite being nervous all morning, and really wondering whether to go or not, I had no problem once I met up with a few people, and soon become comfortable once we started walking. I even got to chat to someone who went to the same school as I did, so all in all, a very pleasant day.


I was a little nervous on my first naturist walk, however having stripped off to wear the groups uniform I soon relaxed and didn't even hesitate when we met clothed walkers within 5 minutes! 
Walking as group gave me confidence and everyone was very welcoming. The walk was very well organised and also had short cut options for those who didn't want to walk the full route. 
The day was finished off with many of the walkers having a meal in a pub afterwards which was very pleasant. 
Overall an enjoyable day and will definitely be walking proud again! 


With regards to my first NatRam walk, it was absolutely fantastic and I’m really looking forward to joining a few more walks later in July and August. 

I found the whole day to be extremely well organised and I was made to feel very welcome from the very start, not just by the walk leader, but by everyone there. The whole day exceeded my expectations. Many thanks for the amazing work that you all do to make these walks happen. 


I have always enjoyed hiking, and my husband and I have sought out naturist beaches on holiday, and I've often fancied naked hiking so I was delighted to find Nat Ram so close to home!

I emailed Keith and he was very friendly in his replies which set my mind at rest, and I read all the reviews and looked at all the pictures of previous walks, so I was pretty sure of what to expect.  I was slightly nervous as there didnt seem to be many girls in the group but figured it was still worth exploring.  I should say at this stage that my husband is 100% supportive but due to injury he can't hike.

The day of my first hike finally arrived, and while I was okay in the car on the way there, when I arrived panic set in!! What was I thinking?? Rambling naked through the UK countryside suddenly seemed like madness, and spent 5 minutes in the car having an internal battle with myself until I finally plucked up the courage to get out of the car!  I walked over and introduced myself only to be told that everyone was in the pub.  Now I don't normally drink at 11.30am but I figured a bit of dutch courage might help (it did!!).  Everyone was very friendly and I was glad I got out of the car, but as i looked around I realised I was the only woman!!!  OMG!

At midday we set off - me and 29 complete strangers. However, I soon got chatting to another first timer and before long the walk leader said it was time to get I did!  I was surprised how easy it was to get naked when everyone else is doing the same! The feeling of the sun all over your body is invigorating and it felt amazing!  At no stage through the day did I feel weird being the only female....everyone was so friendly and at times I even forgot I was naked!

The pace was gentle and for the novice rambler its an easy walk. I am used to a faster pace but it was lovely to slow down and appreciate the stunning surroudings!  The walk was very well organised and Keith, John and Peter led the group with confidence, especially when we came across textiles! Strength in numbers maybe but we didn't cover up and the few people we met were extremely friendly!

At this stage it might be worth pointing out that I don't look like some of the other women I saw in the photos on the web page! I look like what I am - a woman hurtling towards 50 years old, carrying a few extra pounds (winter warmth!!), vericose veins and droopy uneven boobs thanks to giving birth to 2 children, and my bum seems to be heading south, but do you know what, for the first time in ages I didn't feel judged or self concious!  I would encourage any woman who fancies giving it a go to try, it as it was bloody wonderful, especially if you have a low body image as it really didn't matter!!

Would I do it again - definitely!  Did it bother me that there were more men than women - nope! Once naked we were all the same - a bunch of like minded people who enjoy rambling naked through beautiful countryside, and gender didnt matter!  Come on ladies.....give it a go....its brilliant and I can't wait until I can go again!!


My first experience with Nat Ram was fascinating. Everyone was very welcoming and friendly. I thoroughly enjoyed the day.


I had been keen to do a naturist ramble for some time, so it was great that I found this website just in time to get signed up before the Friston Forest walk. The forecast for the day was 24° too! Unfortunately, on the day it was nothing like that and I wondered whether the ramble would go ahead. Anyway, we took the bus to the start of the walk, walked about 200 metres along the bank of the Cuckmere River and suddenly, up ahead, everyone was stripping off. I joined in. I’ve been a naturist for some years, so that wasn’t a problem, but blimey it was a bit parky. Once we got walking and chatting it was OK. Although my hands went a bit purple, everything else seemed to cope OK and it was a great walk in spectacular scenery. Walking along the Seven Sisters, naked in a strong breeze, is an experience I won’t forget! The group was very welcoming and friendly and I enjoyed chatting on the walk and during the meal in the pub afterwards. I’ll definitely be going again.


I have been a naturist and a member of BN for 40 years, but apart from an organised walk from a French naturist site about 30 years ago and a solo walk along part of the North Devon Coastal Path last year, I have not done any naturist walking. Thus, it was with a mixture of anticipation and a little anxiety that I arrived at the starting point for the walk in Ashdown Forest. I was surprised to find over 30 walkers, including several other first-timers. We were very quickly out of our clothes, and it felt very good, and natural, to be walking naked, even when after only about 5 minutes we crossed a road in full view of several cars. With so many walkers, there were lots of opportunities to enjoy conversations with others as we walked along. The walk was interesting, covering both woodland and heathland, with views at times towards the South and the North Downs and it was just the right length for my first walk.

I so much enjoyed the second walk that I joined the Wepham walk the following week. This walk was very different to the first, starting in the Arun Valley (near a village that I had not previously visited, despite being Sussex born and bred) and climbing onto the top of the South Downs, with views towards the sea and across the West Sussex weald. There were over 40 walkers this time, and again lots of chats with like-minded individuals. Lunch was taken on the Downs overlooking the village of Storrington, with a lovely view northwards. This was a longer walk and there was a shorter version, which a took as I was off on holiday to France the next day, which will prevent me from joining one of my favourite walks (always previously textile) in Friston Forest and along the Seven Sisters section of the South Downs Way.

I will attend more of the walks and would encourage anyone thinking of trying nude walking to join the group - you will enjoy the walking and the company.


Any person with previous experience on naturist events knows that you are up for a great time when joining a new one, and this wasn't an exception. The group was very jolly and they quickly made me feel part of it. There were plenty of experienced walkers with lots of stories and remarks about the area, and it was overall a great new experience from both a social and fitness point of view.


Finally, location, timing and the self-confidence to take part in a group Naked Ramble, all came together on a beautiful 11-mile walk around the Ashdown Forest.

It was with some nervousness that I joined NatRam for the walk. I knew none of the other walkers, but the group was instantly recogniseable because at least one of its members wore a kilt - probably the most convenient cover-up I understand.

The members of the group were extremely friendly and chatty and I found it very easy to settle in.

The thing that impressed me the most was how soon after the walk we were able to disrobe. Within about 2 minutes of entering a pathway we were all naked and enjoying the warm, if dull weather.

I spend a lot of time naked, at home and out and about, if I can, so it was a very comfortable experience. We passed a clothed walker in the early stages and it took me moment to remember that we might be a bit of a surprise to him.

Peter, our walk leader, was very knowledgeable and, contributed some interesting information along the way, about the area, and as a nature lover I enjoyed looking at the many plants and other creatures along the way. We had a few breaks, including lunch near a pretty stream and a short swim in a pond. There were one or two occasions where I felt a little nervous, particularly when passing some casual walkers. Most were very accepting and cheerful however.

To my great joy, the club's revised cover-up policy meant that we were able to stay naked for almost the entire walk. I think we were only clothed for a total of about 10 minutes during the whole experience.

My enthusiasm for walking naked in groups and alone has increased significantly and I hope to take part in another walk soon.'

I don't often participate in naturism as a social activity, but the walks led by the Naturist Ramblers looked like an attractive proposition from the point of view that I could spend the afternoon, naked in the country without having to worry so much about other people.
The experience was more than I expected because of the friendly and interesting company together with some varied scenery - from forests with splendid trees to lovely open areas. The weather was also most kind.

It was so relaxing to be able to remain unclothed when we encountered other people out on the same paths, and the large organised group generally made them feel less uncomfortable when faced with the unusual sight of naked people in public.


The arranged meeting place for my first walk in Ashford Forest was a local pub. A warm welcome awaited and it was not long before we set off on our walk. A few minutes in and our clothes were discarded. A super and really exhilarating experience. The feeling of the breeze on one’s whole body was really good. I have attended many naturist events but have never been in a walking group before. Loved it and can’t wait for the next one. The walk itself was stretching but there were rest breaks as well as an opportunity for a dip. At the end I was tired but felt really good that I had met up with a really friendly group of people. This time I missed the opportunity for a post walk supper in the pub but definitely next time. Thank you to everybody for organising this group and these walks.


I thoroughly enjoyed my first walk with The Naturist Ramblers. We were obviously lucky that the weather was so good that day, and the walk was excellent. I have been a Naturist for many years, but being the first time on an organised walk like this, I was not quite sure exactly how the day would proceed. But I felt totally at ease right from the start and am very much looking forward to my next outing with the group. Everyone was very friendly, and a big 'Thank You' to Martin who organised things so well.


I very much enjoyed the walk last Tuesday. All the group were so friendly and helpful. I got to know lots of new people and it was nice to know that some of the veteran walker still enjoy it as much as the first time. The event was very well organised and Martin the leader made every effort to make sure everything went off well. It was particularly reassuring that the route has been established for many years and we were able to complete without having to cover up on the way around. The weather was perfect and added to this enjoyable day. Many thanks again and I shall definitely be on another walk soon.


I have now completed 2 walks with NatRam. Blissfull experience walking naked in relaxed company in fabulous natural surroundings. Luckily my days were full of warm sunshine. The walks are well planned and must have involved many hours of work in planning, checking etc. Met very few textiles. A friendly welcoming group of ramblers. Many thanks to our walk leaders for giving of their time.


I enjoy walking, and having walked naked on Fuerteventura earlier this year, I was keen to join NatRam on the Ridgeway. It was a hot sunny day so clothes off as soon as we had left the village. As we approached the Bury Down car park we covered-up, only to receive enthusiastic support from a couple with teenage daughters en route to Portsmouth. Lunch was taken in amongst trees at an ancient meeting place to gain some respite from the sun and where we gained some history of the Ridgeway Path from our leader. We finally sat and dozed under some trees until it was time to put on clothes before dinner at a local hostelry. Every one was keen to chat and I thoroughly enjoyed the day with some fantastic views. I am really looking forward to joining the group for another walk soon.


.....To sum up, a delightful walk (Bury Down) with amazing far reaching views in excellent weather.
I will no doubt visit that area again either on my own or with Nat Ram.


With experience of doing solo and nude hikes with 1 – 3 others under my belt this was the first walk I’d been on where I’ve been totally relaxed throughout. Perhaps it was strength in numbers, or the new police guidance read out before the walk, the knowledge of the walk leader? Well all of those but also I think it was the broad accepting bunch I was walking with, not cliquey (a problem I’ve encountered in textile walking groups) despite me being new, and all done in good humour. I’ll be repeating the experience soon!


The Naked Ramblers are a very welcoming and inclusive, and have a clear commitment to creating and building community. The walk leaders curate and adapt routes with fabulous views that can start with ice cream and typically end at a pub for a beer, or if time permits, dinner. The rambles unfold with easy conversation and camaraderie, and end too soon. Join in!


Our walk along Ackling Dyke was the perfect naturist day for me, and I have a lot to choose from over the years: good weather, great scenery and really wonderful company. There is nothing that beats naturism as a way to get to know people, it is a shared interest and a shared experience that brings us together as a group. I sat for tea on the side of a hill after several hours of unbroken nude rambling together and just gazed at the sun shimmering off the valley before us, absolutely happy to be there and looking forward to my next ramble.

This was my first ever walk. I found it to be a really enjoyable experience. It was lovely to spend the day with like minded people and make some new friends too!. The walk was very well organised and everyone I spoke to was having a great time. Thank you so much for a great day. Looking forward to many future walk with this group.


Despite chilling rain and wind in the morning and a forecast of further wind for the rest of the day, I decided to head off with some trepidation to the start of the Arun Gap walk. I was relieved to see a good number of others also braving the weather and immediately felt relaxed in their company. After completing the necessary formalities, I headed off with the group, still wondering whether there would be any opportunity to get naked. The weather was however extremely kind to us and I was very soon enjoying the thrill of being naked with the others in the most glorious scenery and in superb weather. Martin was a very informative leader, taking us through remote countryside with the most glorious views over the Weald, to Arundel Castle and even out to sea. I loved the varied terrain, through fields of common spotted orchids and other downland flora, woodland and along river banks. The opportunity for a dip in the River Arun was very welcome and the lunchtime stop in a sunlit clearing in an old quarry in the centre of an ancient wood was an inspired choice. I felt very quickly at home with the group who readily accepted me. In the end we walked nearly all the 12 miles naked and left all thoughts of textile life behind. The day far exceeded my expectations and I can’t wait for my next walk.


I have enjoyed walking in the countryside for many years, I have also enjoyed naturism for several years. It seemed a natural step to combine both interests. I saw the notice on the BN website, and contacted Peter for details. The meeting place was a country pub with good facilities. We were able to undress shortly after leaving the start and stay that way most of the day with only a few occasions that required a "cover up". It was good tracks most of the day with easy walking and few stiles. A friendly group of ramblers. The weather was just right for naturist walking - not too hot and not too breezy. I look forward to another walk with the group.


My first walk with NatRam was a really enjoyable and positive experience

Walking naked as part of a large group allowed me to relax and enjoy the route, the scenery and the conversation

I was made to feel very welcome and included from the moment I arrived, and any apprehension I had about whether I’d find the experience odd disappeared long before I undressed

When we got back to ‘civilisation’ at the end of the day it was a real compromise to dress again - I’ll certainly be back.


I have enjoyed my day a lot, pity I couldn't stay for dinner to socialize. I will join you shortly, next month probably, have to arrange day off from work.
I have been on a Weald Side walk with Naturist Ramblers. The walk itself is extremely well organized and it's a group of fantastic members. The walk wasnt too long or too short - 10 miles very well planned from the perspective of the path and timing. It is a very pleasant hiking for everyone regardless their gender, age or physical predispositions. Be naked!


I recently enjoyed a day out with Nat Ram. I'd previously walked nude with a few friends and I'd really liked being naturally naked in nature on them. I'm pleased that I've now taken part in a Nat Ram walk and will be back for the next one too.

My first walk was a popular one, it broke the record for the number of participants, it felt great to be naked on it with so many like-minded people. The walk went through a mix of woods and open landscapes and we were lucky with the weather, in that there was a bit of drizzle towards the end, but we were sheltered in woods for most of that section. There were a few times when we had to cover up while on short sections of roads and passing close to a few houses, but for the great majority of the walk we were nude. So the aim of walking naked for most of the day was easily achieved. The walk had been well-researched, it had been checked out again just before we went, there was some interesting information passed around about the route and places visited. I knew a few of the participants from beforehand. If you've been socialising nude for a while this can be the case, but the 'regulars' were very welcoming to newcomers to this way of life as well. I met some good people, saw some great views and really enjoyed myself. I stayed for the meal in the pub afterwards, which was a great way to end the day. If some, or all, of these things appeal to you I'd recommend joining in, its fun, healthy and nude. Thanks for the organisation, I really appreciate the effort and time put into making the walk work well.


I would like to say how I enjoyed the walk very much and the people I met and spoken to while walking through the fields and trees, some I had seen and spoken to in the past on other naturist walks, others I met for the first time. Everyone was pleasant. The weather was good to start with but got worse towards the end.This is no reflection on the walk itself, as we cannot always predict the weather.

The walk was well organised and the views were great to see across the open fields, even walking through the woods was pleasant and enjoyable, this made a good change from the open areas. Having two stops along the way is a good idea to allow me & possibly others to recover some what, with a lunch and tea break stop.


The walk was very uplifting, and my fellow hikers friendly and welcoming. A positive experience all round!


Tom says: “I joined the Nat Ram walks for the first time this year. I’d always wanted to experience the freedom of walking in the countryside in the nude - and this proved to be a very enjoyable experience. John, the leader of the walk, is very knowledgeable about the walk and the group was very welcoming. I hope to be able to join them for many more walks in the future”.


...... if like me you have fancied the idea of naked rambling but have been daunted by trying it alone then this group is perfect. Everyone was very welcoming and the walk was well organised and through interesting areas which I would never have discovered on my own.


Thank you, I very much enjoyed the ramble last week and I am looking forward to many more. Some words follow you are welcome to use.

As a first time naturist walker in a group I was hoping for three signs that the walk near Salisbury last week would be the first of many.

1 a good humoured crowd willing the chat, find out about one another and avoid the cliques that can often spoil the experience.

2 a well thought out route that goes out of its way to avoid offending anyone but which still has points of interest and fabulous views along the way that is the main reason for being there.

3 an experienced, good humoured and well organised guide especially one who can negotiate with irate farmers tactfully and still allow us to walk with little interruption.

We had all three and it made the freedom to walk naked all the more enjoyable.


I very much enjoyed the naturist walk , it's something I've not done before but have wanted to try for a while now.
As a new comer to the group I was made to feel very welcome , the people are very friendly and this made the whole day enjoyable for me, it was a beautiful sunny day ideal for my first walk.
I was surprised we managed to walk for hours and hours without bumping into any one.
I look forward to attending some more of the future walks.


I first became aware that a group were rambling naked several years ago following a tv programme, I forget which one!

As I enjoy being nude, I wanted to give it a try but as I was working it was difficult to plan. I have recently been made redundant and currently have free time, so one of the first things I did was to arrange to attend a naked ramble, which took place just outside Cowden.

The weather had recently been glorious but come the day, rain was forecast for the entire duration of the walk. However the Naturist Ramblers are a hardy bunch and the walk went ahead anyway. I decided to travel to Cowden by train and when I arrived there at the station I saw a few likely looking guys and asked them if they were ramblers, they said yes and I was immediately, very kindly offered a lift to the pub meeting point.

The walk started promptly and very soon after entering a wooded area, the walk leader gave the ok to strip and we started our naked journey!

Luckily the temperature stayed warm and the rain held off for most of the walk which lasted for just over 5 hours. The countryside was amazing, It was wonderful to be walking through fields and wooded areas that I would never have seen if it wasn't for the group. The guys were very relaxed and friendly (there's something about being naked in company that makes people very amicable) and I chatted to many of the group as we continued on our way. Being naked in the open countryside was wonderful, something that I would be too nervous to do on my own. The few spots of rain toward the end of the walk were warm and refreshing. There were a few occasions when the shorts had to briefly go back on as we walked the occasional road or came across a clothed person and a note for me for the future is to get something easier than shorts to pull on and off over my boots.

The evening ended as the rain started to tip down, with a meal in the pub

All in all, beautiful countryside, good company, a healthy pastime and naked outdoors for hours. A brilliant experience that I fully intend to repeat many times.

Thank you to all the Naturist Ramblers, particularly the organisers the walk leader and all the lovely guys I chatted to.


I walk naked across local fields quite often but around here you can only get short stretches before having to cover up, so when I saw "naturist ramble" on the BN website I decided to give it go. The downside is that all the walks are a long way from home, but I headed off one morning on the 2½ hour drive to Whiteways. After battling through road works and congestion I have to admit I was beginning to think I had taken leave of my senses: I was driving for 5 hours there and back for what was going to be about a 5 hour walk, was I mad? However when I got there and found several people who had driven further I knew that if I was mad at least I was in good company.

As it turned out we had about 5 hours out in the countryside and woods with only a few minutes where we had to cover up. Walking through the fields with the sun out and a gentle breeze making the skin tingle was a great reward for the long drive. And walking in company so that you weren't always looking around to see if there were textiles about made the walk much more relaxed than a solo walk.

After the walk we adjourned to a nearby pub and had a very good meal made even better by the good company of like minded souls. This was more than just a walk, it was a very good day out. That evening I lay down with really nice feelings in my body and skin, 5 hours walking naked had left me feeling great.


So how would I sum up the day and did it meet my expectations?  

In short you could not meet a more friendly group. It was a wonderful day in so many respects and I look forward to many more naturist walks.   


The Naturist Ramblers are a group of naturists who split from the Singles Outdoor Club a year or so ago. They walk mainly in the south east of England but they recently held a walk in the Swindon vicinity and I thought let's give it a go.

The walk started at a picture postcard Wiltshire village and the walk basically took a circular route along the Ridgeway taking in Sugar Hill and Liddington Castle and was just over 11 miles long. The walk conveniently started at a very attractive pub starting just after 12.00 noon. After signing in 27 walkers set off, including two ladies and three dogs. The weather was fine and warm but with a strong, and tanning breeze.

After about half a mile it was quiet enough to strip off into what the group described as the proper uniform. The party had a group leader and he kept us together in a very friendly way. The hares stopped from time to time whilst the tortoises caught up. We had a lunch and a late afternoon stop both overlooking glorious countryside. En-route we explored the ancient hill fort Liddington Castle.

The last half mile was along a road but that was unavoidable. The walk took about six hours and as you may realise ended at the pub were several members stayed for a meal. Having a hundred mile journey I said my farewells and stet off home. During the walk we met about half a dozen people and the policy is not to upset anyone and we all covered up. Out of the eleven miles I think we did a little under ten naked. The group was very relaxed but if you look at their web-site you will see they are properly organised, are a member club of BN, have insurance and have done good risk assessments. If their walks were closer to the Midlands I'd certainly consider doing more. Is there scope for us to organise a naturist walk?

I want to thank you for the hospitality on a great day out and indeed I do hope to walk with you again.


Having wandered by myself up and down a local unofficial naturist beach, I thought it would be great to go further a field with a group of like minded people. NatRam seem to be that from the website and it proved the case in practice.

The day arrived and I headed off to the meeting point with rain forecast. Having been made welcome from the moment I arrived, we headed off for the walk in cloudy but dry weather. Throughout the day I chatted with people whilst we walk through the countryside taking in many viewpoints. The rain held off for most of the day and it was warm enough to stay unclothed.

At the end of the day I said Goodbye but was already planning to meet up with the group in a few weeks.

The day was everything I hoped it would be, a very enjoyable naturist walk with good company. I will be joining them again.


Having recently moved to the south-east I was glad to find a naturist rambling group in the area and joined them for a walk in the Arun Gap. The group were very organised and good about providing detailed information on where to meet, complete with map references as well as a description. It was a warm day, but with a bit of cloud, which strikes me as being ideal walking weather. There was a good turnout, with 28 people taking part and the other ramblers were very friendly and welcoming........

The home stretch through Arundel park was certainly the highlight of the walk, with a beautiful view over rolling hills, down to the majestic castle and the village beyond. All in all, it was a very nice, naked afternoon. The route of the walk needs to be revised, but the ramblers were a very friendly and welcoming group and I hope to join them for more walks in the future.


...... Then off to the pub to register and start the walk. Paperwork done we set off at just after mid-day, hot and sunny, 33 enthuiastic walkers. Within 10 minutes of the start of the walk we were able to strip off and stayed that way for most of the day, with the occassional cover up when in the presence of textiled marauders. With this being such a big group there were several catch up stops to allow everyone to bunch up a bit and for the walk leader ro ensure there were no member looses en route. There were 2 small groups that left early, I was in the second small group to leave due to time restraints for buses and trains, but this wasn't until about 1745. An enjoyable day. A very friendly group of people. I look forward to joining them again for another walk soon.


I was invited to join the Wotton Wander for a trial on the 19th April 2018 and was made welcomed in the Pub’s car park by fellow naturists on arrival. It was such a happy, friendly crowd that I found myself chatting away in no time, as if I had known them all my life. I also enjoyed talking to other members of the group over the day. It felt so free and easy walking nude in the Surrey Hills in glorious sunshine on the hottest day of the year so far. A special thank you to the leader Martin for having put together the wonderful walk. It was an absolute brilliant day and I already look forward to the next ramble.