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General Guidance for Naturist Ramblers Walk Leaders

The Nat Ram Guidance for Walk Leaders follows the Walk Leader Guidance given by the Ramblers, where relevant. Obviously the contact details are different, but where relevant, their guidance should be followed.

Download and read the following files:

Walk Leader Role Description;
Walk Leader Checklist.

If you are unable to open any of the above files, I can send you a hard copy.

Specific Guidance for Nat Ram Walk Leaders

* Welcome everybody including new walkers;

* Give the length of the walk including short option details if appropriate;

* Give an indication of when lunch might be;

* Give an indication of when we might get back to the pub;

* Ask everybody to keep together;

* If walkers decide to leave the group, please let the Walk Leader know;

* If you do get separated from the group go to last place where you lost contact and wait 30mins to be rescued!

* There is a minimal First Aid Kit on the walk. It does not contain medication, just the basics like plasters etc. Ask the Leader if you need it;

* If anybody has any problems with photography on the walk please let the Leader know;

* We may well stop for some nude group photos. Other 'indistinct' photos may be taken during the walk;

* If you take photos of other group members, please ask their permission first;

* Dog owners must keep their dogs under control especially near farm animals which includes game birds such as pheasants;


Peter Whiston
10th November 2018