The Good Life!



Cheers! and welcome to the good life.

I think that I am more of a nudist rather than a naturist. I would not say that I hate wearing clothes, but I much prefer being nude with just the feeling of fresh air against my skin. Whilst writing this page, it has caused me to go a long way back in my memory. I can remember that from a quite an early age that I have always liked taking my clothes off. As I grew up, most of my friends knew of my desire to be naked. I never thought of myself as a nudist until a close girlfriend, who was aware of my liking for being nude, mentioned that she though that nudist magazines did exist, and that I should try and get a copy. It did not take much searching to discover Health & Efficiency (H&E).

The magazine made me realise that there were many other people like me around who preferred to be naked. After a while I decided it was time to try it for 'real' - outdoors and in public, so I joined Eureka Nudist Club. From there I discovered nude beaches and nude holiday resorts.

Although I did not realise it at the time, but that really was just the beginning and introduction to my nude lifestyle.

I am lucky enough to be married to a very understanding wife, who while quite likes going nude, it not ‘nuts’ about it like me. We are lucky enough to own a house in a fairly secluded area with secluded front and back gardens. Being keen on gardening it is therefore not too difficult to get an ‘all over tan’ by just pottering around the garden. Consequently, at home, nudity is the norm, whether indoors or outdoors.

I wrote the original Peter's Nudist Page in 1997. I enjoy playing with computers. At that time the internet was just starting to expand and people were offering free disk space on the web for creating webpages, so I decided to have a go. The subject matter was not difficult to decide. At that time there were various nude webpages around, but I felt that they were superficial, and generally consisted of either a few words or lots of links. I could not find a page that got anywhere near describing my style of nudity. To find out exactly what that is you will have to read the ensuing webpage. The webpage describes my nude lifestyle from 'head to toe'. It contains lots of holiday and gardening type photos (mainly of me), it also contains lots of interesting links (well I think so). Unlike many other nudists and nude webpages, my webpage is open about that fact that humans respond to sexual thoughts, whether clothed or not, and discusses the issue.

Since 1997, the webpage has expanded and continues to grow. I hope that you read on, and enjoy what you read!

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