We were born to be walkers
(adapted from a piece by Dr. Dale E. Turner)

Jogging is a popular fad, but walking is a human tradition.

We were born to be walkers.

Other forms of life creep, crawl, hop, leap, bound, gallop, swim or fly
- but humans walk -
and many of us find it to be a great delight.

A regular schedule of walking boosts mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health. It can lower high blood pressure, keep arteries healthy, relieve tension and anxiety and calm a troubled mind.

Walking is the exercise that needs no gym.
It is the prescriprion without medicine,
a tranquiliiser without a pill,
weight control without a diet,
therapy without a psychoanalyst,
and a vacation that doesn't cost a penny.

If we were born to be walkers
we were also born naked
so we were born to be naturist walkers.

Come and join us!